PCB Piezotronics Promotes Training Seminars on Dynamic Measurement, Acoustic Measurement and Modal Analysis

April 19 2019, 00:15
PCB Piezotronics just confirmed its latest schedule of annual training seminars on the topics of dynamic measurement, acoustic measurement and modal analysis. These seminars are offered each year as both an opportunity for engineers new to the field to learn more about taking good measurements, as well as to give the more experienced engineers an opportunity to refresh their knowledge and learn about new applications/methods made possible by new product development.


Successful Measurement of Dynamic Force, Pressure and Acceleration Seminar (May 21-23 in Buffalo, NY) 
This will be a short course for test personnel and their managers; design and analysis staff who use test measurements for model, component, and full-scale system verification; and more generally anyone whose work depends on the output from force, pressure, and acceleration measuring systems to support either test and analysis or control applications.

At this training, participants will learn to: 
- Understand the physics and operating characteristics of dynamic force, pressure (including acoustics), and acceleration transducers and constraints associated with their use
- Interface transducers effectively with intended test environments
- Condition transducers signals to maintain their fidelity through selection of appropriate cabling, amplifiers, analog filters, sampling rates, DAQs, etc.
- Document extraneous measures (e.g. strain, temperature, ionizations products of a detonation, magnetic fields) that superpose as noise on the desired transducer response
- Apply corrective action for elimination of these noise levels
- Validate that final, recorded signals contain only the desired (force, pressure or acceleration) data
- Perform sensor and system calibration, data analysis, and data utilizations
- Perform "back of the envelope" checks to assure the bandwidth of the recording system did not impose constraints on the recorded data
- Application issues associated with static load, torque, and pressure transducer applications can also be raised during the training

The training will also include in-house demonstrations by PCB staff of sensor component manufacturing, as well as sensor assembly, testing, and calibration.
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Microphones, Acoustic Fundamentals and Advanced Applications Seminar (June 4-5 in Buffalo, NY)
This will be a two-day, acoustic measurement training seminar at Salvatore's Italian Gardens/The Delavan Hotel and PCB's Headquarters in Buffalo. The keynote speaker is Andrew Barnard, Ph.D., an Assistant Professor from Michigan Technological University and a leading authority on sound and vibration measurements.

At this seminar, participants will learn:
- Microphone/Acoustic Fundamentals - key terminology, acoustic waves and sound fields, the source-path-receiver model, microphone types, selecting the right microphone for your application, etc.
- Sound Metrics, Measurement, and Frequency Determination - broadband metrics used to describe sound, averaging concepts, octave and third octave bands, and narrow band frequency analysis.
- Microphones as Part of an Integrated System - microphones and DAQ: how they interact and understanding the output results, system level calibration, data processing, etc. 
- Isolating Microphones from Flow Noise - isolating the acoustic field from air flow pressure to make accurate acoustic measurements.
- Understanding Transmission Loss - key terminology/definitions, measurement equations, single and multi-panel issues and measurement techniques (two room and four microphone impedance methods).
- Advanced Multi-Channel Microphone Applications & Methods - Overview of sound intensity and power, beamforming, nearfield acoustic holography (NAH), supersonic intensity of reverberant environments (SIRE), and selecting the right microphone for your multi-channel application.
- Sound Level Meters - fundamentals and advanced concepts including experiment setup considerations, determination of measurement modules and metrics to track. Demonstrations with a Larson Davis SLM.
- Product Demonstrations - transmission loss, coherent/incoherent signals, sound directivity, identifying noise floor, and anti-aliasing.

The seminar includes a visit to PCB Headquarters with demonstrations about:
1)  Anechoic Chamber, making low noise and random incident measurements 
2) Gun Range Tour, making high amplitude measurements including understanding microphone overload and clipping  
3) Microphone Manufacturing Hands-on, calibrating a microphone 
4) Pressure Sensors and Piezoelectric Microphones
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Structural Dynamic Measurements & Modal Analysis Methods Seminar (September 10-12 in Buffalo, NY)
Additional details available in the coming weeks at https://www.pcb.com/training#tab-1
Ongoing Free Webinar Series (Current Schedule Through September 19)
Check also recordings of Past Webinars for Reference: https://www.pcb.com/training#tab-3
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