OPPO Introduces VOOC Fast Charging Technology

August 1 2018, 01:00
Chinese smartphone maker OPPO announced a new critical fast-charging technology for mobile devices, allowing 4x faster charging speed than conventional chargers. OPPO's VOOC technology features a flash charging system that will make a smartphone ready to be used for the working hours of the day after just 30 minutes of charging. Even though OPPO doesn't explain how its VOOC technology relates to the latest USB Power Delivery specifications, the brand's latest smartphones do use a USB-C connector.

According to OPPO, VOOC uses a 5-layer protection scheme that, when compared with the conventional high current protection, provides better protection from the adaptor to the port and interior of the phone. VOOC replaces the voltage reducing circuit with an MCU, effectively preventing a mobile phone from overheating while charging. OPPO had introduced its VOOC charger with the launch of the F1 Plus smartphone model, when the technology was brought to India. Now, with the launch of its latest flagship model, the OPPO Find X, the brand has introduced a smaller and smarter solution, allowing for the same charging speed, with twice the convenience. Featuring an LED indicator, the user doesn't have to activate the display to check the status of the phone's charge. The LED indicator is able to indicate whether the USB connector is plugged into the VOOC or not. 

Unfortunately, OPPO doesn't detail any adherence to the latest USB specifications and in particular as to how this VOOC technology responds to the requirement of USB Power Delivery certification. The company states that, since 2015, OPPO set up a special R&D team dedicated to implementation and compliance with telecommunications standards and recruited experts with experience in the international standard development field.

Among Chinese smartphone manufacturers, OPPO claims to hold a higher standard of quality than any other brand. At OPPO, the production and testing process is kept in-house as much as possible, rather than outsourcing it, to ensure a quality product.

OPPO has a designated quality check lab to regularly spot check the handsets from the beginning to mass production to manage and control product quality. The Lab tests are divided into electrical performance tests, structural analyses (destructive, structure-plug), environmental aging test (continuous aging of functional components, and adaptability in various environments), with the total number of tests reaching more than 150.
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