Nureva Granted Three Patents for Its Microphone Mist Technology Platform

October 17 2019, 09:10
Nureva, the collaboration-solutions company from Calgary, Alberta, announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued three new patents for the company’s Microphone Mist technology platform. Patents numbered 10,063,987 and 10,397,726 describe the ability to focus sound signals in a shared 3D space, and patent 10,387,108 describes the use of sound source positional information to derive automatic gain control output parameters. 

These patents disclose the ability of Microphone Mist technology to create and monitor thousands of virtual microphones in a 3D space and manage gain control of those microphones by determining the precise sound source location in relation to the microphone array. They are the latest addition to Nureva’s active and growing intellectual property portfolio, which gives the company substantial runway for the development of new products and product enhancements.

Nureva’s patented Microphone Mist technology places thousands of virtual microphones throughout a space to pick up sound from any location to ensure that everyone is clearly heard regardless of where they are in the room or the direction they are facing. Users also have the option to limit audio pickup to a specific zone within a space, such as the front of the room, making it ideal for corporate presentation scenarios and lecture capture in higher education. The technology uses sophisticated algorithms to simultaneously process sound from all virtual microphones to provide remote participants with a high-quality listening experience, enabled by continuous autocalibration, simultaneous echo cancellation, position-based automatic gain control and sound masking. 

"These inventions are central to the Microphone Mist technology platform and represent a significant advancement beyond traditional technologies like beamforming and omnidirectional microphones. Those technologies leave dead zones where people struggle to be heard – an issue made worse when people are moving around the room. Microphone Mist technology enables true full-room audio pickup by filling a room with thousands of virtual microphones, creating a pickup point near every person in the room no matter where they move or which direction they face," the company states. 

The technology’s advanced system processing capability, which can handle 15,000 MIPS (millions of instructions per second), allows Nureva’s audio conferencing systems to process sound from all virtual microphones in real time and focus microphone pickup on the best audio signal – creating a natural listening experience for remote meeting participants. This innovation reflects Nureva’s strategy of leveraging its intellectual property to create products that break new ground in helping teams collaborate more effectively.

“The granting of these patents represents a significant milestone in distinguishing Microphone Mist technology as a breakthrough advancement in audio conferencing,” says Nancy Knowlton, Nureva’s CEO. “We continue to expand the platform with the goal of creating simple, intelligent solutions for our customers that exceed their expectations and their experiences with traditional technologies.”

Nureva's Microphone Mist technology also adjusts the sound source level to work with Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Zoom, BlueJeans, Cisco Spark, Cisco WebEx, GoToMeeting, Pexip Infinity Connect and other common UC&C applications.
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