NUGEN Audio Previews New Batch Processing for Dolby Formats and Shows Halo Upmix 3D Immersive Option at IBC 2017

September 14 2017, 03:10
NUGEN Audio is showcasing a beta version of its AMB Dolby Module, the latest option for the AMB Audio Management Batch processor modular software, at IBC 2017. The final version of the AMB Dolby Module is expected to be released in Q4. Also, for the first time at IBC, NUGEN Audio will demonstrate the new Halo 3D Immersive Extension for its award-winning Halo Upmix. This makes it possible to upmix, re-purpose or convert channel-based audio for an Ambisonic workflow.

The new NUGEN AMB Audio Management Batch processor is designed to improve workflow efficiency for a range of different tasks. Using AMB Loudness, DynApt or Upmix modules with the new AMB Dolby Module, post-production facilities can natively batch process Dolby E, Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus files, reducing delivery times considerably for loudness measurement and correction, dynamics processing and upmixing. The facility to decode these Dolby formats to linear PCM wave files further supports workflow versatility. The AMB Dolby Module also provides support for Dolby Metadata and Dolby E Program configurations.

"We’re pleased that NUGEN’s new AMB Dolby Module offers content creators scalable, batch processing of content in Dolby formats,” said JC Morizur, Sr. Director of Pro Products and Solutions at Dolby Laboratories. “There is increasing need for our users to process large numbers of files under tight time restrictions. AMB will help our customers meet those demands.”

AMB offers unprecedented scalability, allowing post-production facilities of all sizes to add the precise processing modules they need and tailor the system to their exact requirements. AMB offers threaded algorithm processing and multiple processing threads that are addressable for simultaneous parallel handling of files and queues.

The Dolby Module will be the latest addition to the growing number of AMB module options for audio-processing tasks. AMB is now available for Windows and OSX. Each functional module (Loudness, Upmix, DynApt, MXF and ProRes) is priced at $999. The new Dolby Module will also be $999 and Dolby and NUGEN are currently in discussions with a view to making it available in the fourth quarter of 2017. Several expansion options for increased processing power and speed are also available.

Halo Upmix 3D Immersive Extension
At IBC 2017, NUGEN Audio will also demonstrate the new Halo 3D Immersive Extension for Halo Upmix, adding further options beyond the existing Dolby Atmos bed track capability. The 3D Immersive Extension now provides Ambisonic compatible output as an alternative to channel-based output for VR, game and other immersive applications. This makes it possible to upmix, re-purpose or convert channel-based audio for an Ambisonic workflow.  

In addition, the Halo 3D Immersive Extension fully supports Avid Technology’s latest version of Pro Tools, which now features native 7.1.2 stems for Dolby Atmos mixing. The combination of Pro Tools and Halo 3D Immersive Extension provides a fluid workflow for audio post professionals requiring upmix capability for multi-channel and object-based audio formats.

Halo Upmix is available now at a list price of $499 for both OS X and Windows, with support for Avid AAX, AudioSuite, VST2, VST3 and AU formats. The new 3D Immersive Extension replaces the Halo 9.1 Extension and can now be purchased for $199. Owners of the existing Halo 9.1 Extension can upgrade to the Halo 3D Immersive Extension for no additional cost.

“We are delighted to offer new options for engineers involved in the rapidly developing world of immersive audio and Dolby Atmos,” says Jon Schorah, founder and creative director, NUGEN Audio. “These new developments allow engineers to use our unique algorithms in ever diversifying contexts and workflows. We’re also glad to be working with Dolby in adding a module for its important formats to AMB, giving professionals even greater access to our award-winning technologies.”
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