New Report From Technavio on Global Smart Headphones Market Through 2020

June 30 2016, 03:00
Technavio analysts forecast the global smart headphones market to grow at a CAGR of over 19% during the forecast period, according to their latest report. Multiple applications of headphones are creating opportunities for the global smart headphones market through 2020, according to the new research study now published, which lists current wired and wireless headsets market segments and estimates the wireless segment accounting for over 71% of the total market share in 2015.
The research study covers the present scenario and growth prospects of the global smart headphone market for 2016-2020. Technavio analysts highlight the following four factors that are contributing to the growth of the global smart headphones market:
- Growth in headphone replacement market
- Popularity of sports headphones
- Growing prominence of connected headphones
- Multiple applications of headphones
- Growth in the headphone replacement market

With the quality of musical accessories increasing worldwide, companies are innovating and marketing high-quality accessories, the smart headphones being one of the key accessories. This enables consumers to be in-line with the latest technological trends in the global smart headphones market. Technologies such as noise cancellation, sound retrieval system (SRS), extra bass, and Dolby digital sound provide an enhanced listening experience to consumers.

During the forecast period, Technavio predicts that consumers will prefer technologically advanced wireless headphones to traditional wired headphones. In 2015, DTS introduced its trademark HeadphoneX technology to recreate the sound of speakers in a closed room. This is aided by the availability of technologically advanced headphones, which Technavio says is likely to drive the global smart headphones market during the forecast period.

“The biometric sports tracking headphones have grown in prominence since their inception. These headphones have the features of tracking the heart rate, distance covered, and calories burnt. Despite there being no shortage of heart rate monitors in the market, for many users, headphones are a part of their training gear. Also, adding a smart heart rate sensor only enhances the application of these headphones,” the company says.

“For instance, Jabra’s Sport Pulse headphones track physical activities and calories burnt. Kuai are developing headphones which can monitor heart rate, detect speed, calories burnt along with live voice coaching from former Olympic winners for athletes. These are in-ear biometric innovations which are expected to foster the market growth of smart headphones during the forecast period,” they add.

The headphones market is experiencing rapidly growing innovations such as connected headphones. Vendors like Muzik are developing headphones integrated with social media integration. These headphones can share songs that a user is currently playing on the user’s social media account. Capitalizing on this feature, Twitter has invested in Muzik, a startup that makes connected headphones. These headphones give users the ability to share audio clips on social networks.

Vow headphones also help users connect with music streaming services such as Pandora and Dublin Radio, and allow them to chat with their friends who are using the same headphones. Soundsight Mobile is developing a headphone technology that allows video recording with editing and mixing of music along with the option of sharing the video online.

The applications of headsets are increasing, which provides vendors with substantial opportunities to innovate. Mobile devices are increasingly being used while working out for varied applications. Different applications require a different type of headsets like sports headset and Bluetooth. The emergence of wireless headsets is also a result of vendors trying to improve the aesthetic appeal of the product.

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