Headphone Shipments to Reach Record 365 Million Units in 2019

September 24 2019, 00:20
The retail headphone market continues to show strength, with 365 million units shipped in 2019, according to SAR Insight & Consulting’s Latest Headphone and Headset Forecast DATAbase. Wireless headphones and in particular true wireless stereo (TWS) models continue to be the fastest growing categories, with shipments of gaming headphones doubling from a year ago. Consequences for the electronics component industry are also visible, such as the growth in the sales of MEMS microphones.

“The headphone market continues to be one of the most interesting for IC, component and IP vendors,” Peter Cooney, Research Director of SAR Insight & Consulting, says. “With high volumes and developments that are driving the increased use of advanced technologies, it is certainly one of the main markets to watch.”

The latest output from SAR Insight & Consulting (Headphone and Headset Forecast DATAbase) highlights many trends, which include:
- Wireless headphones now account for approximately 70% of total retail shipments
- True wireless stereo earbuds continue to disrupt the market and provide strong growth for brands and technology vendors
- Gaming headphones shipments have almost doubled in the last two years
- The in-box headphone market continues to fall as smartphone OEMs look to reduce costs and also push after-market headphones

“It gets even more interesting when we combine data from our other recent DATAbase forecasts,” Peter adds. “For example, the headphones market uses 20% of all MEMS microphones shipped in 2019, making it the second largest device segment after smartphones.”

The headphone market continues to go from strength to strength with very positive signs for continued future growth. The market is large and growing, and it continues to see technological advances that are driving it to be one of the most important markets for established brands, new entrants, IC vendors, software/IP vendors, and many more.

These are findings from SAR Insight & Consulting’s recently published ‘Headphone and Headset Forecast DATAbase’, which is published as part of its Headphones and Headsets Service.
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