New Q B12 Subwoofer for Immersive Home Cinema Sound from Q Acoustics

October 28 2019, 00:30
Q Acoustics announced its most powerful subwoofer to date, the Q B12, designed to pair with Q Acoustics’ 3000i and Concept 5.1 speaker ranges in 2.1 or home theater setups and offering an adjustable crossover frequency range from 70 Hz to 225 Hz (12dB/octave). Featuring matching finishes, the Q B12 will be available alongside speakers in three home cinema packages including the 3010i 5.1 PLUS (compact), 3050i 5.1 PLUS (tower), and Concept 5.1 Plus (mid-sized) – or it can be purchased individually for those seeking to expand their existing home systems.

The new Q Acoustics Q B12 is the first in a new range of powerful subwoofers. Designed to work with the Q Acoustics’ 3000i and Concept 5.1 speaker range, the Q B12 features a long-throw 12-inch driver with high sensitivity and superb dynamics, powered by an ultra-low distortion 220W Texas Instruments TPA3255 Class D amplifier. It’s the largest and most powerful subwoofer from Q Acoustics so far, with an active limiter and the amplifier’s proprietary PurePath Ultra-HD technology ensuring unwanted distortion is minimized across the board.

To help maintain performance levels, a subtly engineered, custom die-cast aluminium heat sink on the rear panel supports and cools the ultra-low distortion power amplifier and power supply. Elsewhere a 0º/180º phase switch, allows the user to optimize integration with left and right speakers for balanced fidelity.

Given the powerful nature of the large driver unit, effective cabinet and driver bracing is crucial for a smooth low-end sonic performance. Q Acoustics has fitted a ‘dart brace’ internal design inside the subwoofer’s reinforced MDF cabinet. Not only does this provide superior mechanical stability to the driver but the reinforced rigidity reduces resonance and vibrations for an improved accurate bass response.

Adjustable spiked feet provide additional support when the Q B12 is placed on carpeted floors, with optional rubber caps for wooden and other hard surfaces also provided. The rear terminal panel has been cleverly designed to keep interior spaces free of unsightly wires. Recessed and hidden, it allows all plugs to be concealed and channel cables passed cleanly out through the subwoofer’s base.

The Q B12 will be available from November 2019 in Europe, and from January 2020 in the US, included in the following 5.1 speaker packages:
Q Acoustics 3010i 5.1 PLUS ($1,295)
Q Acoustics 3050i 5.1 PLUS ($1,845)
Q Acoustics Concept 5.1 PLUS ($2999)

It can also be purchased on its own in a matching finish (Black and White vinyl) to the Q Acoustics 3000i range for $599, or in a matching finish (Black and White gloss) to the Q Acoustics Concept range for $799.
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