New OEM Driver Company: BlieSMa

July 4 2018, 14:00
BlieSMa, located in Blieskastel, Germany, was founded January 16, 2018 by Stas Malikov. Prior to starting BlieSMa, Malikov worked at Ultrasound Technologies, at Morel as a QC manager and a transducer engineer, and at Accuton as a production engineer for the last 8 years. The first product released by BlieSMa is the T34A, a 34 mm tweeter. Available since May 2018, the T34A is a metal aluminum/magnesium alloy dome tweeter (see Photo).

This device has a rich feature set that includes:
• 34 mm aluminum-magnesium alloy dome with variable thickness for a 27 kHz first breakup mode
• Extremely low moving mass (Mms = 0.28 grams) for better transient response and higher output
• Fully saturated neodymium motor with a copper sleeve shorting ring for low nonlinear and modulation distortion
• 3 mm linear excursion and large pole vent for undistorted low-frequency operation
• Narrow surround for less “soft dome” coloration
• Flush-mounted surround and rear-mounted magnet system for flat frequency response and wide off-axis response
• No ferrofluid for improved dynamics
• Underhung voice coil wound with CCAW wire on a titanium former
• Flexible and lightweight tinsel leads from Denmark
• Cast aluminum powder coated faceplate
• Gold-plated terminals
• Extremely wide frequency range 1.3 kHz to 35 kHz

According to Malikov, “The goal was to make a tweeter with the on- and off-axis response of a 19 mm dome (like CD waveguide), with the Mms of a 19 mm dome but with lowest possible distortion, high sensitivity, ability to cover wide bandwidth, and all this with all-metal-parts. The T34 has an AlMg alloy dome, titanium former, and a CCAW coil. But even if all these parts are metal, the surround should be soft and unfortunately the surround also plays a part in the wave radiation. I used a very narrow textile surround in order to reduce metal/textile surface area ratio and get more “pistonic” radiation from a hard and stable dome and less “soft-dome” coloration comes from a surround. Besides all that, I thought to reduce the Doppler effect and reach very low frequency range to be able to build some two-way systems with a 8” to 9”, maybe 10” woofer just with a direct radiation driver. That’s why I choose to use a 34 mm dome and made a motor with 3 mm p-p stroke. This design allows using the driver from 1.3 kHz up to SPL 110 dB/1 m with very low distortion. The motor with 2.2T in gap (thanks to N50M magnet material) is absolutely fully saturated, and together with heavy copper sleeve, lowering distortion and flattening impedance almost to 4 Ω resistor behavior in the audible range.”

The T34A will be featured in an upcoming Test Bench explication. The company website is now online but still under construction.
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