New High-End Drivers and Kits From SB Acoustics to be Unveiled at 2016 High End Show in Munich

April 28 2016, 03:00
Repeating last year success, SB Acoustics will signal its presence in Munich’s prestigious audio consumer show with a complete display of new products, exhibiting the most recent designs and technologies from its Danish R&D center - Danesian Audio - whose industry veterans have been responsible for many recognized and revolutionary designs.

Expansions to SB Acoustics’ catalogue will serve to illustrate the evolution of the brand in its remarkable 10-year journey. Still young compared to other loudspeaker driver brands, SB Acoustics is able to leverage the engineering experience and support given by Sinar Baja Electric, one of the largest capacity and highest-quality speaker driver manufacturers in South East Asia and a unique vertically integrated company with more than 27 years of transducer manufacturing experience.

Through this unique cooperation and combination of industrial resources, embedded with the highest standards in the audio industry, SB Acoustics is gaining a solid reputation and market recognition, also in direct result of a permanent dialog with OEM brands, designers and DIY enthusiasts from all over the world. The company’s presence in Munich will also acknowledge the hard-work from distributors all around the world, as well as all loyal customers which have supported SB Acoustics in past years and offered their invaluable input.

At the 2016 High End Show, SB Acoustics will introduce several upgrades to existing products, and several brand new designs, displaying for the first time in public some of the concepts to be launched throughout the year on its prestigious SATORI and SB Acoustics families. This will include some company firsts and concepts demonstrating the company’s ability to create both improved alternatives to established designs as well as cutting-edge solutions.

World premiere at High End 2016 (MOC Hall 3-M14) will include:

SATORI (click for updated info)
•    Beryllium Tweeter)
•    5” & 6 1/2” Mid Range
•    Natural White Cone Mid Woofer Product Range

SB Acoustics: 
•    21mm Patented Ring Dome Tweeter
•    1" Wideband
•    12" Long Excursion Subwoofer

Speaker Kits
SB Acoustics will introduce a new series of speaker kits, which undoubtedly will be noticed by many DIY enthusiasts. This will include two-way bookshelf Satori Kits and 2.5-way floor standing SB Acoustics kits, as well as Micro Anniversary kits. The company as shared some details on the exquisite 2.5-way Rinjani kits; a name inspired by the famous volcano mountain in Lombok, Indonesia, a place of immense natural beauty.

The Rinjani 2.5-way floor standing speaker kits are designed to deliver transparent and dynamic sound reproduction using top of the line SATORI drivers, MW16P and TW29R. The Rinjani asymmetric faceted speaker cabinets are specifically designed to reduce high frequency diffraction and yield superb imaging qualities. The 7 degrees inclined cabinet shape is another distinctive feature, designed to deliver better sound staging even with a simple crossover design, whilst diminishing standing waves. Two dual rear ports also contribute for even distributed resonances. The integrated pedestal complements the speaker design perfectly, meant to accentuate its unique design and features. 

Rinjani cabinet panels are constructed from 18mm MDF with internal bracing to distribute cabinet vibrations evenly and lower sound coloration. The wedge shaped inner rear faces minimizes unwanted direct reflections. The ARA two-way speaker kits are a smaller brother of the Rinjani, sharing the same design concept and high-quality finish, typical of high-end speakers costing multiple times the price of these kits.
More details and pricing information will be confirmed at the High End Show, in Munich
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