Nancy Weiner Appointed Managing Director of VANA Ltd

June 22 2017, 03:10
VANA, Ltd., based in Lake Grove, NY, has announced that Nancy Weiner has been named Managing Director. Nancy had been the Marketing and Operations Manager for VANA, appointed to the position by the late Stephen DeFuria, along with the ownership group at VANA. She brings a wealth of high-performance audio industry experience to her new role with the organization - a distributor of class-leading European products to US market. 

Ms. Weiner has dedicated much of her life to high-performance audio, having participated in the launch of more than 75 significant consumer electronics products during her career as a respected industry consultant. She brings invaluable experience to VANA including project management, technical (in both acoustics and electronics), and financial experience specific to the audio industry. 

Nancy will take charge of establishing sales goals, marketing, vendor relations, hiring, training and management of the team including a new national sales manager. Most critically, she will be in charge of creating and implementing a vision for the company, maintaining and growing VANA’s stable of best-in-class audio brands sold through the finest retailers in the US that include Audio Physic Loudspeakers from Germany, European Audio Team Turntables from Vienna, Okki Nokki Record Cleaning Machines from the Netherlands, and Primare Electronics from Sweden.

“Our goal from the start has been to function as more than a distributor – to be recognized as a fully operational North American arm of the brands we have partnered with while becoming a trusted resource for dealers, reps and consumers,” Weiner explained. “VANA is well on the way to achieving this goal, and I look forward to using expertise amassed over the last 36 years to lead our team and continue to foster VANA’s positive impact on the performance audio marketplace in the US.”
VANA will have a significant presence at the Rocky Mountain Fest October 6th-8th in Denver, CO showcasing an array of new products including live demonstrations.
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