Naim Audio Introduces Apple AirPlay 2 Support for Siri Voice Control and Multiroom Capabilities to Mu-so Range

November 13 2018, 02:55
The Mu-so range by Naim Audio now supports AirPlay 2. Naim confirmed that the Mu-so Qb (compact all-in-one speaker) update is now available, followed by the Mu-so (full size all-in-one speaker) update. The Naim Uniti range (2018-19 EISA award winner) will update with AirPlay 2 at the end of November 2018. With the updates Naim also confirmed that the Mu-so and Mu-so Qb systems are now available in Magnolia stores across the United States, in addition to Apple Stores.

Naim Audio is adding support for Apple AirPlay 2 to its award-winning premium wireless multiroom speaker Mu-so range. Apple AirPlay 2 enables advanced multiroom functionality and Siri voice control, with the Mu-so, Mu-so Special Edition and Mu-so Qb receiving the over-the-air update. Naim Audio’s Uniti range, including the Uniti Atom, Uniti Star and Uniti Nova will receive an Apple AirPlay 2 update in November 2018.

Drawing on 45 years of expertise and heritage in audio engineering, industrial design and streaming technology, the Mu-so, Mu-so Special Edition and Mu-so Qb combine a premium design with powerful best-in-class sound. The introduction of the Mu-so range in 2014 by the British hi-fi manufacturer meant music fans no longer had to make a compromise between convenience, design and audiophile-grade sound-quality and the Mu-so trio continues one of the top performing wireless speakers on the market.

Support for Apple’s wireless proprietary technology allows the streaming of music – including Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, YouTube, iIternet radio and podcasts – from an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac computer and Apple TV to a compatible Naim device. Once the update becomes available, the Naim app will prompt customers to perform an over-the-air update.

Through the Home app, Control Center or using Siri voice command on an Apple device, Mu-so owners can easily access, play and control their music anywhere in the home. Apple AirPlay 2’s multi-room capabilities allow music to be played in different rooms around the house. Users can ask Siri to play their favorite music or playlist in-sync on all Naim speakers in every room, or just on a Mu-so Qb in the kitchen, or stream different songs to different rooms. Users can also play a movie or box set on Apple TV and beam the audio to their Mu-so or Mu-so Qb for a more immersive sound. Apple AirPlay 2 also features enhanced buffering to improve the audio streaming performance.
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