Music Key and Energy Analysis Gets Better with Mixed In Key 6.0

December 27 2013, 13:01

More and more DJ’s – even the better paid ones… – are using Mixed In Key software to create new session playlists and music mixes. Just released, the brand new 6.0 version of this leading key detection software for DJs is now able to create automatic segmentation of tracks based on “energy” levels, combined with more accurate key detection, thanks to a new music analysis algorithm. According to Mixed In Key creators, the new algorithm is now able to separate melodic elements on the music and detect notes and octaves in different instruments on the recording. The new version also introduces a new “Grand Piano” interface, allowing to instantly checking the analysis results against an instrument.

Mixed In Key 6.0 costs only $58 for new users and should help many demos at the Venetian during the CES 2014. Ready to compare the energy level on those Norah Jones tracks?

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