miniDSP Introduces SHD Power Integrated DSP-Powered Amplifier and New ambiMIK-1 Ambisonic Microphone

May 7 2020, 00:40
The creative minds at miniDSP are not stopping, and now that the COVID-19 situation has calmed down in China and production is back, the company is resuming its hectic release schedule and announced two new products available for pre-order on the company's webshop. The first will please anyone involved in spatial audio and content production and is a fully integrated First Order Ambisonic (FOA) microphone. The second will please those still forced to stay at home, and is the SHD Power, a 120W per channel low-distortion power amplifier with Dirac Live room correction.

The new miniDSP ambiMIK-1 is an affordable First Order Ambisonic (FOA) microphone with embedded preamp, Analog to Digital converters (ADC) and USB processor. This compact solution enables high sample rates (up to 192kHz) in a portable package. With applications ranging from VR/AR & music recording, the ambiMIK-1 doesn’t require any bulky external preamp or XLR cables. A simple USB cable to a tablet/laptop and it's ready to go!

Using 4 low noise 14mm capsules in a slim aluminum body and nylon protective frame, the ambiMIK-1 package was engineered for durability and optimal performance without breaking the bank. The capsules feed an on-board 4-channel microphone preamp and A/D convertor with 120 dB dynamic range. The microphone has its own XMOS processor providing audio recording support at sample rates up to 32-bit/192 kHz. 

Last but not least, miniDSP partnered with Dirac Research for the design of a VST plugin specifically calibrated for the ambiMIK-1 with over 1200 measurements. The controls include Yaw/Pitch/Roll/Output gain and Output Format (B format or Binaural). miniDSP says they expect to ship the ambiMIK-1 by mid June 2020.

SHD Power
The second new product is the latest member of the miniDSP SHD (“Streaming High Definition”) processor family. As with all SHD Series processors, the SHD Power includes Dirac Live, the advanced room correction solution, and a full suite of miniDSP’s powerful but user-friendly audio tuning software. Dirac Live calibration uses the popular UMIK-1 microphone and Dirac’s easy-to-use calibration tool.

The SHD Power includes a 120W per channel low-distortion power amplifier for powering main speakers, and two additional analog outputs for connecting a subwoofer or subwoofers with independent DSP control of each. With three digital inputs and high-resolution USB Audio, the SHD Power is the ideal modern integrated amplifier, all packed into an unbelievably compact metal enclosure.

miniDSP also included network streaming over Ethernet or Wi-Fi, powered by a dedicated quad-core ARM processor. The SHD Power will be also shipping mid June 2020, and comes with Volumio, a popular open-source network streamer. Volumio gives access to music files from sources as diverse as a USB stick, files stored on a local network, Internet Radio and Spotify.

miniDSP also says the SHD Power amplifier was specified and tuned for true high-fidelity performance, with less than 0.005% THD from 1 Watt all the way up to 100 Watts of output power. Priced at $1499 US, it represents an incredible value.

And while working on the SHD Power, miniDSP has also developed features that benefit all SHD Series processors. As a result, there's a new plugin/firmware update for better control of display settings, selectable sources and IR control for standby mode, and there is a new remote control with play and skip buttons for Volumio. The new remote ships with all SHD Series processors starting in June, or it can be bought separately on the company's webshop.
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