Midwest AudioFest 2017 and DIY Speaker Design Competition Returns July 14-15

May 22 2017, 03:00
Parts Express will hold its annual Midwest AudioFest from July 14–15, 2017 at Parts Express’ headquarters in Springboro (Dayton), OH. The event includes the Parts Express Warehouse Tent Sale, an Audio Swap Meet, a Mobile Electronics Competition Association (MECA) sponsored Auto Sound Competition, and the highlight of the event — the DIY Speaker Design Competition.


Audio enthusiasts return every year to Parts Express’ Ohio headquarters for the lowest prices of the year on the Warehouse Tent Sale. There will be huge discounts on everything in the Parts Express Retail Store, as well as unbelievable savings on factory buyouts, scratch & dent items, and one of a kind samples.

The Auto Sound Competition is were enthusiasts come to show off their mobile sound systems. Parts Express partners with MECA (Mobile Electronics Competition Association) to bring an amazing sanctioned auto sound challenge and a car/truck/motorcycle show.

On the Audio Swap Meet, electronic and audio enthusiasts can buy and swap anything and everything that’s of interest to others. Whether it’s new, used, working, or non-working, everyone is welcome to sell their audio goods - because it's all treasure to someone!

The Parts Express Speaker Design Competition is divided into four design categories:
• Dayton Audio—Speaker project must use all Dayton Audio drivers in the project design. Any dollar amount or size is welcome.
• Open Drivers (any brand, any type, no restrictions) Under $200—Projects less than $200 per pair to build (dollar limit for drivers only). Speaker project can include any brand drivers.
• Open Drivers (any brand, any type, no restrictions) Over $200—Projects greater than $200 per pair to build (dollar limit for drivers only). Speaker project can include any brand drivers.
• Open Unlimited—Open Unlimited includes Speaker Projects that are active or cannot be categorized in the other three areas. If the speaker design has been entered in the Open Unlimited category, the same design without active components cannot be entered into any other category.

There will be three winners from each category. This year’s judges are Jerry McNutt (Eminence design engineer), Tom Perazella (Tom has written for Audio Amateur, Speaker Builder, and audioXpress magazines for more than 20 years), and Matt Phillips (loudspeaker hobbyist and Parts Express employee). For more information, about the Midwest AudioFest visit www.midwestaudiofest.com
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