Listen Offers ETSI Standard Background Noise Generation System

February 22 2019, 00:50
Listen has launched the ETSI standard background noise generation module, a SoundCheck test sequence which calibrates a 4.1 speaker array to conform with the ETSI ES 202 396-1 Standard. This provides an equalized, calibrated playback solution to stress devices in a standardized and repeatable way. With a purchase price of just $5,000 for the test sequence, this offers an extremely economical alternative to a conventional $20,000+ stand-alone background noise generation system.

The test sequence has many applications, for example evaluating ANC, noise suppression, SNR optimization of microphone arrays, beamforming directionality studies, and more. It is particularly useful for voice recognition testing as the test sequence may include loops to incrementally increase the volume or change the noise and repeat the test until the voice is no longer accurately recognized.

The sequence begins by measuring the front/rear balance of the left and right main speaker pairs.  If they are within 2 dB of each other, the sequence will continue by measuring the combined sensitivity of each pair and, using pink noise, equalize the output of each pair.  Once the left and right pairs are calibrated, the subwoofer level is manually adjusted to match the output level of the four main speakers.

The sequence includes a library of real-world binaural recordings from the ETSI standard: cafeteria, pub, crossroad, vehicle, single voice distractor, and office noises. Custom or user-defined binaural recordings can also be used. 

Furthermore, it offers the advantage that the ETSI standard library is fully integrated with, and managed by, the SoundCheck test system. This means that the calibrated background noise levels can be fully controlled and adjusted as part of a pre-programmed test sequence, significantly reducing test development time as well as simplifying the physical setup.

More information included required equipment and system setup and calibration are available on the Listen website, here.
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