LaChapell Audio Celebrates 20 Years with New 983 Tube Preamps

March 20 2019, 00:45
To celebrate its 20th anniversary, LaChapell Audio is offering a limited time promotion of its new 983M single channel and 983S MK2 two channel tube preamps. The LaChapell Audio 983M is a half rack sized single channel tube preamp that is perfect for small studios, podcasting, voice overs, and session musicians. Along with the 983S MK2, the 983M is the first preamp to feature True48, a phantom power supply that provides a consistent 48V for phantom powered mics. 

The LaChapell 983M is capable of stunning clean tones and harmonically rich driven tones. Exceptional on nearly any source, the 983M features high and low pass filters with selectable roll-off frequencies, channel mute, front panel Hi-Z input, pad and polarity switches. Its half rack size makes it a perfect preamp for users who travel from studio to studio, podcasters and other creators that need maximum versatility from a preamp. For those looking for a rack mountable version, the LaChapell 983S MK2 is a two channel tube mic pre, also featuring the innovative True48 dynamic phantom power supply for improved performance from condenser mics. Each channel on these LaChapell preamps features a Cinemag input transformer, an ECC83/12AX7 vacuum tube, Jensen output transformer and Burr Brown & THAT Corporation line drivers. Each component in signal path is of the highest quality, carefully selected to sound beautiful and last long.

Over 20 years ago, Scott LaChapell sought to develop a boutique tube mic preamp that allowed an engineer to have vast control over the harmonic content. It was to be versatile but not complicated, ranging from clean and neutral to harmonically rich with the ability to push into a pleasing distortion when necessary. In conjunction with his father, a senior design engineer at Lawrence Livermore Labs, LaChapell built the first 992 tube mic preamp. 20 years later it still is one of the most highly regarded pieces of studio gear, having been used by the likes of Hans Zimmer, Brad Paisley, Phil Keaggy and countless others.

Founded in 1999, LaChapell Audio is respected in the recording industry as an innovative leader with a respect for the past. The 992EG flagship tube mic preamp, the first 500 series tube mic preamps, the first 500 series tube direct box, the first and only 500 series modules with TrueTube, and now True48 prove LaChapell’s dedication to innovative technologies that have practical real world applications.

The 992 established what would be a signature sound, look, and build quality for all LaChapell Audio products, including the all new 983M single channel tube mic preamp and the 983S MK2 two channel tube mic preamp. Not only do these units carry the signature LaChapell sound, design, and build quality, they also feature True48, a dynamic phantom power supply that properly powers condenser and active mics.

“Phantom power is notorious for not providing enough power for many mics. True48 gives mics a more stable power supply,” states Ted Klein, president of Digital Audio Labs who purchased LaChapell Audio in 2017. “We’re seeing faster transient recovery, more headroom, and lower distortion levels from most mics that use True48. The difference to how the mics feel and respond is stunning. It’s really something that needs to be experienced.”

In addition to True48, both units have front panel Hi-Z inputs, high and low pass filters with selectable frequencies, mute, polarity, and -20dB pad options. Both units are available now and for a limited time on sale in LaChapell Audio’s 20th anniversary celebration. |
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