L-Acoustics Repackages Professional Audio Speakers as Luxury Home Audio Systems

July 16 2020, 01:10
L-Acoustics Creations, the separate division of L-Acoustics dedicated to leveraging its professional audio products and technologies for specification in state-of-the-art private, residential, cultural, and marine AV environments, announced an expanded range of luxury home audio packages with the release of Archipel Sound Systems. With the live sound and touring markets on hold globally, the company is switching to in-home audio and entertainment experiences, where PA speakers are able to offer the impact and dynamics of a live concert experience.
L-Acoustics Creations' Tonga 2.1 system with Syva speakers and reinforced subwoofers for the ideal high performance music or cinema home listening.

French audio manufacturer L-Acoustics surprised the audio industry two years ago when it introduced the Island concept, a sofa-bed type of structure with a circle array of built-in speakers that is able to generate an immersive listening experience. The concept appealed to the predictable crowd of millionaires and celebrities, and led the company to create a separate L-Acoustics Creations division, and to establish an upscale demonstration center in London.

With the global pandemic keeping all activities in the live concerts and touring industry on hold, and strongly affecting commercial audio installations, precisely the core segment for a market leader company such as L-Acoustics, it is not surprising that they refocus on other market segments. And the segment that is signaling stronger resilience is precisely home entertainment - at least as long as COVID-19 continues to affect peoples lives and many continue to shelter at home.

And L-Acoustics Creations had already proven the concept that it was possible to introduce a completely new concept of luxury audio, based on high-power immersive audio products that generate the feeling of a live concert experience at home. Sales of L-Acoustics Islands systems have proven that case. In fact, the company gradually expanded the idea into completely self-contained, personal auditoriums, creating a new high-performance and versatile approach to media room design. The online store front was ready, a dedicated distribution channel has been established, and the company has even announced some key appointments to accelerate the strategy in the last few months.

Now, with the release of the new Archipel Sound Systems, L-Acoustics quickly converts many of its high end professional sound systems seating in the shelfs, for residential use. A very clever strategy when correctly addressed. And this Archipel range of premium home sound systems will be available exclusively online and through the newly established L-Acoustics Creations Integrator Network.

For now, the company confirmed five L-Acoustics Creations packages, available for pre-order on the newly launched L-Acoustics eStore and with prices ranging from 9,000 Euros ($10,250 USD) for a Fiji 2.1 system, all the way to a powerful Tonga 2.1 home concert system for 47,000 Euros ($53,500 USD). All systems ship with all required cables and mounting accessories and are available in white, black or other custom finishes.

The Archipel Fiji 2.1, is a repackaging of the Compact X4i speaker (2x), the smallest loudspeaker L-Acoustics ever manufactured, complemented with one LA2Xi amplifier/controller and a Syva Sub. L-Acoustics recommends this compact system for use in a home office or salon.

In between, the company proposes the Hawaii 2.1 package, using two powerful X8 speakers, enough to create a large impact in a "sound lounge" concept. The package combines the LA4X amplifier/controller with two Syva subwoofers. More surprising is the Tahiti 2.1 package, combining L-Acoustics elegant Syva column array speakers (2x), with one LA4X amplifier and two Syva Subs. Clearly an ideal system for any high end home audio indoor or outdoor listening.
The entry level L-Acoustics Creations packages, L-Acoustics Fiji 2.1, Tahiti 2.1 and Hawai 2.1 home systems.

And if the client really owns a palace in the South of France or a Caribbean island, there's always the Tonga 2.1 package, a high performance combination of two Syva speakers with two Syva Low bass extensions and four (!) Syva subwoofers. L-Acoustics says such a system is an high fidelity solution for music or cinema listening. And we look forward to reading the Stereophile review!

For those millionaires that have famous DJ friends and don't mind promoting private parties - where everyone gets a free COVID test before and after - L-Acoustics proposes the Ibiza 2.0 package that combines a mighty Kara II line-array system with an array of subwoofers that would be the envy of any actual dance club!

According to the company, other custom systems are available via the dedicated network of residential A/V Integrators currently being developed. These Archipel Sound Systems have in fact been designed for the European and US markets, since any gazillion-millionaire from Russia, the Middle East, or Asia effectively already owns a gold-plated K1 large touring line array system in several of its homes, where all the pools have an Ocean system in place, all designed and specified by established London and New York design houses. 

"Consumer focus has shifted to the home, and to high end home audio as artists create an abundance of live streaming content,” explains Nick Fichte, Business Manager at L-Acoustics Creations. “Consequently, interest in the best home sound systems is surging and L-Acoustics Creations is uniquely placed to fulfill the desire to bring the concert home. We’ve put three decades of professional audio experience into creating turnkey packages that transform musical content into an experience that satisfies the most demanding audiophile."
Custom branded T-Shirts are available in the L-Acoustics Creations online store.

L-Acoustics Creations home audio packages can be reserved online now. There's custom branded merchandise items also available in the store for those who pre-order.
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