Jünger Audio Introduces Netbridge UHD Advanced Audio Interface

October 16 2017, 04:00
As the broadcast industry continues its transition to 4K, German manufacturer Jünger Audio has introduced Netbridge UHD - a new, advanced interface that closes the gap between digital audio production systems and modern video formats. The 19-inch solution allows for simple and fast integration of 4K-UHD or four HD video streams into MADI and AoIP (AES67 and Dante) infrastructures. With its four 3G SDI interfaces, Netbridge UHD is also ideal as an audio video front end for small and medium-sized video editing suites or workstations.

“By bringing together IP audio and existing video infrastructures, Netbridge UHD provides a straightforward and convenient interconnection between audio and video production environments,” says peter Poers, Junger Audio’s Business Development Manager. “With its full blown 64 channel interfaces, including MADI and AoIP, Netbridge UHD links all kinds of production systems so that audio signals can be easily connected to one 4K-UHD or four independent 3G/HD/SD SDI data streams. This enables the unit to manage any channel configuration from stereo to high-channel count immersive audio.”

All three interface types work independently and can be used to provide redundant parallel inputs and outputs. Alternatively the Netbridge UHD can be used to create multichannel signal splits for example for backup and parallel recordings or transport via different media. The four 3G SDI inputs and outputs together handle 4K-UHD video signals, each port carries one of the four quadrants that comprise a 4K video image. Alternatively, the four ports operate independently and thus provide full 16 channel of audio via each of the four 3G/HD/SD-SDI streams.

Netbridge UHD can also be used to create multiple versions of one SDI input stream, and is the ideal front end for a HD video production facility connecting any of the incoming audio channels and redistribute or combine them in almost any configuration. For speed and simplicity, routing is provided in stereo pairs or 8-channel groups to connect incoming channels to the required output destinations. Up to 32 channel sets of stereo channels (maximum 64 channels) or 8-channel groups (max 256 channels).

The dual redundant PSUs, power fail bypass relays and SNMP monitoring the unit ensure maximum operational safety and resilience. The Netbridge UHD is configured and operated via a standard web browser, with all system parameters also controlled by the Ember+ protocol, thus ensuring simple integration with any broadcast automation or scheduling system.

Junger Audio’s Netbridge series also includes Netbridge MADI, which provides an AES67 alternative to the 1:1 translation between MADI and Dante. The system is equipped with two independent 64-channel bridges and can thus translate up to 128 channels between IP and classic MADI systems.
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