and Steinway Lyngdorf Introduce Luxury Home Entertainment Experience

May 27 2020, 13:00 continues to deliver on its vision to expand the power of artificial intelligence in the home, now establishing a partnership with Steinway Lyngdorf, a leading brand in luxury audio. Steinway Lyngdorf high-end stereo and surround sound systems will support the platform to control media content for immersive user experiences. The integration enables the convenience of’s natural voice control and privacy-focused approach to home automation to fit into the design of the most refined residential projects.

As part of the Distributed AV workflow, Steinway Lyngdorf processors will auto-populate the web portal for configuration. Integrators are then able to efficiently assign input sources and output zones for whole-home media control.’s Steinway Lyngdorf support offers a rich feature-set of functionality allowing users to switch inputs, control volume levels, distribute a single source to play across multiple zones, and route multiple sources across multiple zones verbally via Josh Micro or manually through the intuitive app.

Users will be able to leverage voice commands to request their desired content wherever they want it. For example, “OK Josh, raise the lights on the patio and listen to Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen on the first floor.” handles the content search using its available streaming services and applicable sources, activates the Steinway Lyngdorf processor, routes the requested content to each zone on the first floor, and sets the mood!

“We strive to make our products simple to use, with the very sophisticated internal technology being discrete. We are excited to work with who shares this approach,” says Thomas Birkelund, CEO of SL Audio A/S. “We always aim to put the customer first and give them an exceptional experience – not only with audio but with a full luxury experience, and will be a very key part of that.”

“We’re excited to partner with a brand that is as synonymous with quality as Steinway Lyngdorf,” says Alex Capecelatro, CEO of “Our device integrations and complementary products are extremely important as we recommend innovative solutions for luxury clients who want performance as well as reliability. Our goal with is to deliver a magical experience, and partnering with Steinway Lyngdorf is another step towards that vision.” is a Denver based company with offices in Colorado and California. It creates products and platforms that enable true natural interaction with technology in everyday life. Its flagship product,, uses cutting-edge proprietary technology to deliver a fun and easy-to-use home control experience. Josh Micro, the hardware, offers hands-free voice control in any room.
SL Audio A/S, dba Steinway Lyngdorf, was founded in Denmark by audio innovator Peter Lyngdorf in 2005 to design, develop, and manufacture sound systems and components under the two business units; Steinway Lyngdorf – producing products labeled Steinway & Sons, and Lyngdorf Audio – producing products labeled Lyngdorf. Steinway Lyngdorf was the only manufacturer of audio products to win the exclusive endorsement of the legendary piano manufacturer Steinway & Sons, providing fully integrated digital audio systems that combine design artistry, exquisite craftsmanship, and perfected technology.
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