JOCAVI Unveils Improved SEAFOAM Acoustic Panels at NAMM 2020

December 16 2019, 00:30
The NAMM Show is the largest trade-only event for music products, pro audio and event technologies, creating also an ideal platform to unveil the latest in acoustical solutions and materials. Celebrating 27 years of continuous research and development efforts in acoustics, JOCAVI will attend the Anaheim, CA event (January 16-19), where it will show the latest generation of improved SEAFOM acoustic panels, ideal for noise control and sound insulation in large surfaces, while meeting the most demanding safety and aesthetic requirements.

JOCAVI's SEAFOAM acoustic panels use a flexible open-cell melamine resin foam, a thermoset polymer. This foam is characterized by a three-dimensional network structure of thin filaments with variable length and thickness, and excellent sound absorption properties. When the sound waves penetrate this open-cell structure, the reflected energy is not only reduced but the sound propagation through walls is also strongly attenuated.

Due to its low weight, the SEAFOAM panels are an ideal solution  for large surfaces and big spaces, either applied in continuous surfaces or by creating attractive, large-surface acoustical elements that seem to be free-floating. The SEAFOAM family is also an effective approach to avoid downtime due to its simple installation method, which doesn't require any additional structural precautions. The material's excellent thermal insulation properties, humidity tolerance, and wide temperature range tolerance without changing its physical properties is another important advantage of the SEAFOM range when compared with other alternatives for large surfaces.

Working areas which are exposed to high levels of noise, such as industrial areas, sports facilities, rehearsal spaces, can be acoustically treated at a low cost, by simply applying these lightweight absorbers. JOCAVI offers the SEAFOM family in multiple shapes and sizes for large projects, with custom shapes available upon demand. The SEAFOAM panels’ acoustic and safety characteristics are ideal for use as a noise control and sound insulation device in buildings that have demanding requirements against fire. It also improves acoustics and soundproofing, thereby improving environmental standards compliance.

In 2016, JOCAVI proved the effectiveness of these acoustic panels in one of the biggest concert halls in Europe, the Altice Arena in Lisbon, Portugal - the location chosen for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018. The acoustic foam formula used in the original SEAFOAM family of acoustic panels proved to be the ideal solution to improve noise control in the large size event arena, and create the best possible acoustical conditions in VIP areas. It also met all the safety requirements, with its self-extinguishable, fire-retardant, properties, resistant to all organic solvents, and maintaining its physical and acoustic properties over a wide temperature and humidity range.
One the VIP boxes at the Altice Arena in Lisbon, Portugal, where the original acoustic foam formula SEAFOAM acoustic panels were extensively used.
In a continuous effort to always improve and develop new solutions, JOCAVI recently introduced the SEAFOAM panels with melamine resin, creating an improved solution for large surface acoustical treatment elements, with its flexible open-cell foam and highly efficient absorption coefficient.

"For 27 years, Jocavi has met the most demanding requirements in countless projects all over the world, and worked side by side with the world's best acousticians and system integrators to create unique designs. We gained a practical insight into the type of solutions that offer the best possible combination of acoustic properties, environmental/safety requirements, and aesthetics. The SEAFOAM family is the result of Jocavi's engineering in a product that was tested and is field-proven to be among the most effective solutions," states João Carlos Vieira, JOCAVI's founder and CEO.

In 2017, JOCAVI was awarded the NAMM Milestone Award for Service in the Music Products Industry, and is a member of the NAMM community since 2009.
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