JOCAVI Announces Opening of JOCAVI Acoustic Panels USA

June 21 2018, 04:10
Founded twenty-six years ago and with a worldwide presence including the North American market, the Portuguese acoustic solutions manufacturer JOCAVI now announced the creation of its own company in the United States. JOCAVI Acoustic Panels Corporation was established to reinforce its presence in the US market, one of its most important export destinations since the company's inception. The new company will now be able to produce and deliver materials and products locally, providing better support to US customers.

JOCAVI was created in 1992 as a manufacturer of acoustic panels, quickly expanding its presence globally, and getting recognition for its innovative solutions, developing and manufacturing acoustic treatment materials for the professional audio industry. Working together with some of the most prestigious acoustic engineering companies in the United States, JOCAVI always maintained a strong presence in the region and attended the most important industry trade-shows.

Now, JOCAVI established its own company in the United States in order to produce and quickly deliver its products locally, providing complete support for the most demanding projects, from private listening rooms to auditoriums, concert halls, recording studios, radio and television facilities, movie theaters, sports hall, and industrial and commercial facilities.
JOCAVI Acoustic Panels USA will support clients in all those domains with its expanded catalog of acoustic treatment panels, easily mounted on ceilings or walls and developed using a unique blend of eco-sustainable materials and computer-aided research. Since its inception, JOCAVI was recognized in the global market for the efficiency and quality of its solutions, all designed using scientific calculations and computer analysis, being the first company to support all projects with computer simulations and 3D video visualizations of the actual installations in order to determine their characteristics, interactions and optimize practical applications.
"The passion for Music and Acoustics has always guided my life since I was a child. Pursuing these interests provided me with the tenacity to create and develop all the acoustic solutions we currently offer to the market. For over twenty-five years I have had the pleasure to work closely with the US market, and opening our own operation was something I have long envisaged. This is finally a reality, and it was truly an honor to take on this journey with the dedicated work of all my friends and coworkers," states João Carlos Vieira, the founder and CEO of JOCAVI.

Highly recognized for the quality of its diffusers, JOCAVI manufactures more than 100 different acoustic products, available for the most complex and demanding applications, as well as for the most practical and simple on the world of environmental acoustics. Those solutions are organized in dedicated catalogs, each with its own trademark.

The JOCAVI Acoustic Panels brand is the widely recognized range of acoustic panels, renowned for the excellence and high performance in the audio industry. ATP Acoustic Treatment Pack, is JOCAVI's cost-effective brand of easy to install solutions, with affordable and practical Acoustic Packs, carefully selected based on the company's experience. AS - Acoustic Shell is a specialized range of acoustic shells for optimal diffusion in auditoriums and Concert Halls. AS sells, commissions, and rents acoustic shells designed in the JOCAVI R&D laboratories. The recent IN - Industrial Insulation catalog was created to combine all the solutions JOCAVI provides for the construction market segment and responding to the needs of very large-scale applications. 

In 2017, JOCAVI launched to specifically fulfill the needs of the American market. This online shop sells JOCAVI Acoustic Panels directly in the United States, and makes purchases easy and safe, including the best options for transport to the final address. All products sold in the store are accompanied by mounting instructions and JOCAVI offers a consulting department to help plan and recommend packages according to specific acoustics needs.
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