James Loudspeaker Introduces Modular Freestanding Indoor/Outdoor Home Theater Structure

November 29 2016, 03:00
James Loudspeaker introduced the Modular Indoor/Outdoor Theater structure, a dramatically innovative approach to delivering all available surround formats to any environment in a high-performance, fully custom free-standing form factor. The Modular Indoor/Outdoor Theater is a built-to-size aluminum structure to be assembled onsite, housing all of the required loudspeaker components for any surround format. The system is compatible with an array of subwoofer options depending on the décor and acoustic requirements of each room.

Anyone assembling a full immersive audio system for a demo room, or even worse, in a standard booth for a trade-show floor, knows how challenging such projects can be, considering the ceiling speakers need something to hang-on to, the rear and side channels have to be properly positioned without being in the way, and everything needs to be setup within strict distances. Don’t even mention the cabling and time needed to calibrate the whole thing! Effectively, the challenge can be the same or much worse if a system needs to go into a room that doesn’t allow messing with the walls or ceiling. There must be a better way…
Conceived as a fully customizable free-standing solution, the James Loudspeaker Modular Indoor/Outdoor Theater is capable of delivering superb cinematic performance to an existing room without the need for any modifications to the space. The modular aluminum components can be assembled/disassembled within an existing room without leaving a single mark on any wall, floor or ceiling. The Modular Indoor/Outdoor Theater can be used for all three Immersive Audio formats; Dolby Atmos, Auro3D and DTS:X as well as conventional 5.1 or 7.1 surround formats based on the  speaker configuration selected.

This gives integrators an ideal turnkey theater for clients in rental properties or any other temporary scenario. As an outdoor theater, the free-standing powder coated aluminum structure is ideally suited and can be mated to an array of landscape subwoofer options such as subterranean models for the most discreet visual presentation.
Each custom configured James Loudspeaker Modular Indoor/Outdoor Theater is composed of aluminum with marine-grade coatings to withstand outdoor environments and features sealed beam construction for compact size. The package can be ordered in 15 standard colors, or a custom color at additional charge. Speaker component specifications have not yet been published by the company. Source components and amplification are of course sold separately but the Californian company can also help in that department.

The James Loudspeaker Modular Indoor/Outdoor Theater is now available and it will be demonstrated at CES 2017 (Venetian suite 29-103). MSRP starting at $60,000 US.
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