IsoAcoustics’ Introduces Stage 1 Isolators Designed for Stage Monitors and Musical Instrument Amplifiers

January 15 2019, 00:15
At the 2019 Winter NAMM show, IsoAcoustics will introduce the Stage 1 Isolators, the latest in the company’s acclaimed line of isolation solutions, now in a design for loudspeakers, stage monitors, subwoofers and musical instrument amplifiers. Specially designed for touring musicians and bands on any budget, the new Stage 1 isolators effectively eliminate the vibrational variables experienced while playing onstage in a variety of venues and locations, enabling musicians to have consistent, clear sound, night after night.

The new Stage 1 Isolators are packaged as a set of four which can either be screwed directly to the bottom of the amplifier/loudspeaker/subwoofer/monitor or attached to a board to create an isolation platform for supporting the equipment.

The Stage 1 Isolators rugged aluminum housing features a very low profile design, with a height of 1.5 inches, enabling the equipment to maintain a low stance, and allowing them to fit easily inside their road cases. This supports a quicker set up and sound check time while on tour, while eliminating the variables of stages in different locations.

"Touring musicians are always telling us about the serious inconsistencies that different stages in a variety of venues bring to the sound of their monitors and amps,” says Dave Morrison, CEO and Founder of IsoAcoustics. “We designed the IsoAcoustics Stage 1 Isolators to level the playing field of these different stages from one gig to the next, enabling them to achieve consistent sound night after night.”

The new Stage 1 Isolators can support a maximum weight of 200 lbs. per set of four and are designed for equipment ranging from small bass combo amps to stacked 4-12 cabinets. IsoAcoustics Stage 1 Isolators will be available from retailers in February 2019 for MSRP $129.99 (US) - as a set of four. Before that, IsoAcoustics will be showing the results at NAMM 2019, Booth # 17315.
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