Heritage Audio Launches HA-73 EQX2 Dual Mic Amp/Equalizer

October 17 2018, 00:25
Heritage Audio just announced the new HA-73 EQX2 Dual Mic Amp/Equalizer, equipped with two mic pre/equalizers in the same rack unit to tender twice the mojo for less than twice the cost of its single-channel HA-73 EQ unit. Part of the company's premium processing Elite Series, the HA-73 EQX2 brings back the philosophy of the golden age of recording, adapted to the needs of today's studios while contributing to transitioning music into a new era in the process.

Heritage Audio, based in Madrid, Spain, was founded in 2011 by Peter Rodriguez, a sound engineer and producer with extensive experience in the music industry. Following in the footsteps of the company's successful single-channel predecessor, the HA-73 EQ Mic Amp/Equalizer, Heritage Audio designed the HA-73 EQX2 Dual Mic Amp/Equalizer with the same specifications as its acclaimed ’73 JR (true 1073-style mic preamp in a single 500 Series slot), ’73EQ JR (fully featured line input module for the 500 Series), and DMA 73 Dual Mic Amplifier models.

Combining mass production, lean manufacturing, and modern construction techniques has helped Heritage Audio to reduce the high costs associated with western European-manufactured goods, guaranteeing the same quality standards for all of its products. And all without forsaking key components called upon for achieving a true vintage sound, such as industry-standard Carnhill transformers, hand-wound in St Ives, England.

Employing three correct-vintage ‘Vinkor’ pot core inductors, the Elite Series’ HA-73 EQX2 Dual Mic Amp/Equalizer’s EQ curves are almost indistinguishable from the handmade equalizers in Heritage Audio’s product line so users can expect the same sonic quality and feel that they have come to appreciate from the company.

The HA-73 EQX2 preamp section features gain, output trim, -20dB Pad, polarity reverse, a high pass filter, and +48V phantom power while its EQ section features a high shelving EQ, midrange EQ, low shelving EQ, a variable high pass filter, and EQ bypass.

The product itself is housed in a rugged, 2RU British steel and aluminum chassis and utilizes an external power supply for facilitating low-noise operation. Heritage audio will it at the 145th Audio Engineering Society International Convention, New York (Booth 340) and is available for immediate purchase with an MSRP of €1,511.00 EUR (excluding VAT) and MAP of $1,699.00 USD.
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