HELM Audio Announces Studio Planar Headphones, True Wireless Headphones, and Boost In-Line Cable Amplifier Powered by THX AAA Technology

November 19 2018, 00:25
Hong-Kong-based consumer electronics company HELM Audio announced their North American launch, debuting three premium audio products - the HELM Studio Planar Headphones ($349.99), the HELM True Wireless Headphones ($99.99), and the HELM Boost Cable, powered by THX Achromatic Audio Amplifier (THX AAA) technology ($99.99). The HELM Studio Planar and Boost Cable bundle is now available as an early bird offer on Indiegogo, and their True Wireless is now available for pre-order at helmaudio.com and Amazon at the end of November 2018.

HELM Audio's flagship product is their HELM Studio Planar Headphones using drivers that are rectangular with highly conductive silver coiling. The drivers measure 66mm and the rectangular design, according to the company, flexes more evenly than both round planar and dynamic drivers minimizing distortion and delayed resonance while increasing accuracy and phase coherence. The silver voice coils significantly improve conductivity between high performance neodymium magnets, resulting in a superb soundstage.

Additionally, HELM Audio made the Studio Planar lightweight but extremely durable and compact using high-grade aluminum, making the headphones more comfortable for long periods of time, at home, at the studio, or on the go. The ear cups are magnetically removable/replaceable and rotate completely flat for effortless storage.

For Indiegogo, HELM Audio is also bundling the Studio Planar headphones with the HELM Boost Cable, the world's first in-line amp cable powered by the THX AAA amplifier, for high-quality amplification on mobile devices. The HELM Boost Cable is integrated into a dual-ended 3.5mm silver conductor cable delivering maximum volume, improved sound quality (true linear amplification), and a user-controlled bass boost feature that works with almost any mobile device on the market.

THX AAA delivers a no-compromise audio experience and fidelity, achieving higher peak output power, and maximizing battery life. Additionally, THX AAA reduces harmonic, intermodulation, and crossover distortion by 20-40 dB to ensure a realistic and fatigue-free listening experience.

"We are excited to partner with HELM Audio to bring the THX AAA experience to consumers as they embark on launching the HELM Boost Cable," says Jason Fiber, Senior Vice President, Mobile, THX Ltd. "HELM Audio shares our passion for innovation and creativity providing unlimited possibilities for consumers to access premium quality audio experiences on the go."

The second product from HELM Audio follows another important market trend, targeting mobile users. HELM Audio's True Wireless earbuds focus on bringing high-quality sound to the TWS space, combined with comfort and fit. The HELM True Wireless Headphones feature a fit that's secure for commuting and working out with a scratch-proof resilient body and IPX4 water resistance. Additionally, HELM True Wireless Headphones feature industry-leading connectivity with their patent pending HELIX Antenna delivering a whopping 80+ ft. range.

HELM Audio states that its products are engineered for high-end performance, believing audiophiles and mass-market consumers alike are tired of the mediocre sound other audio brands find acceptable only to maintain their inflated margins. "Our goal is to become known for our superior sound, innovative designs, at unprecedented value," says HELM Audio's CEO, Eric Johnson, who has worked for over 20 years delivering premium products for a variety of successful CE corporations and has extensive manufacturing experience.

Co-Founder Bryn Griffiths is a serial entrepreneur and has launched several successful companies in technology and media spaces. Griffith's passion is developing technology and companies with an edge that brings something radically different to customers. "Through revolutionary innovation, streamlined manufacturing, and authentic marketing we deliver a level of sound and value that no other brand can," says Griffiths. "For us this means re-crafting driver technology by creating the world's first rectangular driver with a silver voice coil for improved soundstage, detail, and lower distortion."

The HELM Audio team will be showing these products at PEPCOM's Digital Experience in Las Vegas the night before CES 2019, January 7, at the Mirage Hotel and Casino. The HELM Studio-Quality Planar Magnetic Headphones are now campaigning on Indiegogo, here: bit.ly/HELMplanar​
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