Headphone Company MrSpeakers Changes Name to Dan Clark Audio and Introduces New Aeon 2 Headphones

November 1 2019, 01:10
In order to better reflect its focus on all things audio, the audio company known until today as MrSpeakers is now called Dan Clark Audio. According to the company's President and Founder, Dan Clark, the new name is a more accurate reflection of the company’s role as a designer and manufacturer of a wide range of products well beyond loudspeakers. The new brand is also a strategic move at a time when the company is launching their most affordable Aeon 2 planar magnetic portable headphones.

The San Diego-based company MrSpeakers has been a familiar name in the high-end headphone segment and its reputation spread across the globe with the introduction of the Voce flagship electrostatic headphone and the different iterations of its Ether planar magnetic headphones. Music enthusiasts familiar with the company and its products don't necessarily worry with the fact that the brand doesn't reflect the product it makes. But when the moment comes to expand the range of products and the company's presence in new - more mainstream - market segments, MrSpeakers needed a change.

"In fact, there isn’t one speaker in our lineup," says Dan Clark. "Personal audio is my true passion. It’s what drives me to develop headphones with direct appeal to discerning audiophiles and anyone who simply enjoys well-recorded music the way it was meant to be heard."
Dan Clark founded MrSpeakers in 2012, and is now the president of Dan Clark Audio.

Dan Clark established the original MrSpeakers brand many years ago after earning his engineering degree. After graduation, he enjoyed positions at Apple, contributing to the early market requirements for Apple Quicktime, as well as development of early MPEG chipsets for set top cable boxes. He also designed two highly regarded loudspeakers for Platinum Audio: Studio 2 and Reference 2. As his business grew, Dan named his design consultancy MrSpeakers to showcase his product focus at the time.

As the high-end audio market turned its attention to personal audio, he became interested in the pursuit of good sound from closed-back headphones. Over time, Dan became an authoritative and reliable voice in the Headfi “modder” community, sharing numerous modification tips.

“My professional and personal lives intersect in high-fidelity audio, especially when it comes to designing headphones that ideally disappear, allowing listeners to get lost in the music,” added Dan Clark. “But I also know that my love of audio is leading me to explore how best to apply my experience for a wide range of products. By putting my name on the business, I gladly embrace full responsibility for every model with our logo.” 

Aeon 2 Headphones
With the name change, Dan Clark Audio also announced the availability of a new high-fidelity over-ear headphone that builds upon the legacy of its popular Aeon Flow headphone with new design elements and components that offer a demonstrable upgrade over its predecessor, let alone competitive products at similar prices.

“The Aeon Flow is one of the most successful and well-reviewed headphones at its price, but that doesn’t mean we are going to sit back and treat it as a finished project,” said Dan Clark, President and Founder, Dan Clark Audio. “The Aeon 2 builds upon the legacy of the original, but with significant updates that further serve to cement its place as a standard-setting headphone for audiophiles and casual listeners alike.” 

Available in closed and open back versions, the new Aeon 2 ($899.99 SRP) includes critical improvements that add up to a new standard in aesthetics, ergonomics and, most important, sound quality. "Aeon 2 features the latest engineering innovations from our team, married with smart industrial design and a price that will make you smile. The original Aeon Flow broke new ground with its ergonomic and stylish industrial design that are hallmarks of Dan Clark Audio designs. From the elegant shape of the earcups, to the lightweight nitinol headband, and the amazing performance of our in-house designed planer drivers, it’s hard to believe we could find a ways to improve it... but we did! The new Aeon 2 is not a minor update to a great product, it’s truly a colossal performance upgrade!", Dan Clark states.

Developed with input from dealers and consumers, the new Aeon 2 is also a more portable headphone than the original Aeon Flow, weighing a mere 325 grams for long-term comfort, whether listening at home or on the road. Also, the company incorporated multiple technologies from its flagship Aeon 2 headphone while maintaining the Aeon 2’s mid-level price.
A unique folding gimbal system on Aeon 2 allows for easy storage in its newly designed case. And a new motor assembly directly derived from the award-winning Ether 2 flagship enhances resolution, soundstage, dynamics, tone, and imaging. An ultra-light, carbon fiber baffle plate serves as the base for the driver, and the driver assembly is now mounted to an extruded and machined aluminum frame that remains light and rigid. Finally, updated ear pads feature thicker sidewalls for enhanced isolation and improved aesthetics, as well as comfort over long periods.

In addition to the standard package, a premium Aeon 2 option (SRP: $1,099.99) includes an ergonomic, high-end custom-designed silver-plated copper VIVO cable with a choice of a 2.5, 3.5, 4.4, 6.8mm tips or a 4-pin XLR connectors. The 2.5, 3.5 and 4.4mm terminated cables are 1.1m long for travel convenience while the 6.8 and XLR cables are 1.8m. Aeon 2 is also available with 3m 1/4” and XLR VIVO cables at a suggested retail price of $1,249.99.

Sonically, the Aeon 2 features a significantly larger, more immersive soundstage that is both wider and deeper on both models. The bigger soundstage is delivered with improved imaging and layering, instrument placement and specificity are reinforced increased air between elements in the field. Bass lovers will enjoy a bigger, more solid low-end that does not “bleed” in the midrange (vocals), allowing for a fun and lively rhythm section while maintaining exceptional vocal clarity.

The all new Aeon2’s are currently available from Dan Clark Audio’s website and authorized dealers.
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