H2O Audio Announces World's First Custom Premium Waterproof Earphones

February 16 2018, 02:30
H2O Audio, a company from Solana Beach, California, specializing in waterproof headphones for swimming and all water-sports, announced the availability of the H2O Audio Surge Custom Waterproof Earphones designed for lap swimmers and water enthusiasts. The project was developed in partnership with in-ear experts Westone Laboratory, resulting in a proprietary, soft custom molded earplug that is designed to provide a comfortable fit, while sealing out all water.

With over 10 years of development, H2O Audio built and rigorously tested their custom made waterproof earphones for swimmers and athletes who demand maximum comfort and crystal clear sound. Easy to remove and clean, H2O Audio Surge earphones are available in multiple configurations optimized for lap swimming, surfing or paired with H2O Audio's waterproof MP3 player.

In order to provide the no-compromise comfortable, watertight fit, customers first visit a local audiologist to create an impression of their ear. Users then send the impressions for custom earplug creation. All H2O Audio Custom Earphones provide a 90-day fit guarantee.

"We have been pursuing the ultimate waterproof sound experience for the last 10 years. After many designs and earplug iterations, we are proud to launch the Surge Custom product line that finally delivers an uncompromised experience for swimmers," said Kristian Rauhala, founder at H2O Audio. "Runners have long since banished boredom by listening to music and now lap swimmers, too, can extend their yardage while enjoying their pitch perfect music via H2O Audio headphones with custom ear plugs—simply the best underwater headphones on the market."

To complement the Surge Waterproof Earphones, H2O Audio also sells the Amphibx+ Waterproof Armband to protect any smartphone while swimming, surfing or paddling. The design features a 100% waterproof, precision engineered, patented LatchTight locking closure and SealTight headphone connector that provides a secure seal up to 12'/3.6m underwater (IPX8 rating). The ClearTouch window allows for full function of touchscreen, camera and button features and the adjustable case also floats, so users don't have to worry about loosing their iPhone under water.

H2O Audio Surge Custom Waterproof Earphones start at $159.99 and are now available direct from H2O Audio. In addition, standalone earplugs can also be ordered.
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