GRAS Sound & Vibration Partners with Sound Hub Denmark Innovation Environment

March 12 2020, 00:40
GRAS Sound & Vibration announced its partnership with Sound Hub Denmark. The audio test and measurement company grabbed the opportunity to join a world-class sound and acoustics growth hub in Struer, in the North of Denmark, together with other players such us Bang & Olufsen, GN Audio (Jabra) and Harman Lifestyle, among others. Sound Hub Denmark is located in an original red stone factory building with architecture dating back to 1946, and the former location of the Bang & Olufsen R&D department until 2018.

Sound Hub Denmark is an innovative environment for the audio industry, supporting both entrepreneurs, startups and companies of all sizes. It offers business acceleration in a sound professional co-working environment with access to excellent sound test facilities and highly specialized skills from industry-leaders and knowledge institutions.

"GRAS has developed cutting-edge products over the years and has always been a frontrunner when it comes to developing innovative solutions to complex challenges and thus brings extensive knowledge about the consumer audio and electronics industry, among other segments within the field of sound and acoustics," the company states. Sound Hub Denmark already uses products from GRAS such as the KEMAR 45BC Head and Torso, 43BB Low-noise Ear Simulator System and RA0402 High-Frequency Ear Simulator, enabling to measure below the human threshold of hearing and in the complete audible range.

“We are excited to collaborate with Sound Hub Denmark because this is an opportunity for us to share knowledge and support the start-ups joining this innovative hub that are developing advanced solutions for the future needs in the sound and acoustics industry”, states Peter Wulf-Andersen, founder of GRAS Sound & Vibration A/S.

Sound Hub Denmark offers access to test facilities with advanced equipment to companies wishing to conduct their tests with the most innovative tools available. As part of the partnership agreement between GRAS and Sound Hub Denmark, representatives from GRAS together with Sound Hub will give seminars and trainings in this co-working environment.
The Sound Hub Denmark building dates back to 1946 and, until 2018 was the location of the Bang & Olufsen R&D department.

”We welcome GRAS on board to take part in our ambition to make Sound Hub Denmark a world-class innovation hub for companies in the field of sound and acoustics. With the collaboration of leading companies in the acoustics field, we hope to bring us closer to reach that goal. It is also an opportunity for us to share knowledge, which is key for innovation”, states Peter Petersen, CEO of Sound Hub Denmark.

The current partners of Sound Hub Denmark are Bang & Olufsen, GN Audio (Jabra), Harman Lifestyle, Accelerace, EKTOS, Aalborg University, Danish Sound Network, Struer Council and investors such as the Faerch Foundation and Vald. Birn Holding.
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