GRAS Sound & Vibration Announces New 1/2” CCP Low-noise Microphone

May 2 2018, 01:00
GRAS Sound & Vibration introduced a new, 1/2” CCP low-noise microphone that is particularly well suited for the consumer electronics industry. GRAS offers an extensive line of low-noise microphones for measuring low noise in confined spaces, or environments with a low noise floor. Now, the world-renowned manufacturer of high quality measurement microphones and related acoustic sensors, confirmed the availability of the 47HC model that is particularly well suited for use in the automotive NVH and consumer electronics industries.

Measuring low noise emission close to the threshold of human hearing has become increasingly important for all types of consumer products and vehicles. With the 47HC microphone set, the performance previously reserved for externally polarized setups is now available for CCP powered systems. With a sensitivity of 450 mV/pa and a noise floor at 6.5 dB(A) or lower, it allows for measurement levels down to 10 dB(A). Its upper dynamic limit is 100 dB below 8 kHz, 85dB from 8 kHz to 20 kHz.

The 47HC set is comprised of a special, high-sensitive 1/2” free-field measurement microphone and an integrated 1/2” low-noise preamplifier. In combination, they connect to high-quality CCP input modules with a BNC connector. The new 47HC is the same size as a standard GRAS ½” microphone set, and is backward compatible with standard mounting accessories. 

Typical applications and use for the 47HC CCP low-noise microphone includes measurements at very low sound pressure levels and sound-power measurements at low levels. The new 47HC will be particularly useful in measurements on consumer electronics such as hard-disk drives, computer products, fans, automotive NVH testing, particularly electric vehicles, and all measurements in quiet and/or anechoic rooms. |
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