GaN Systems Announces New Series of 12V Class D Audio Amplifier Reference Designs

July 29 2020, 01:10
GaN Systems, a company specialized in GaN (gallium nitride) power semiconductors, published a new technical document titled, “12V High-Efficiency Audio Reference Designs using GaN Power Transistors.” The technical note was developed following the launch of the new GaN Systems Class-D audio amplifier evaluation kit and from growing customer interest for designs in the 12V market for automotive, marine, powersports, and other applications from power system design engineers.

"High quality audio is now a “must have” across all segments from pro-audio, home-audio, and portable audio. Class-D audio systems with GaN are not only smaller and lighter but provide better sound quality," the company states in the announcement.

GaN Systems new technical note, “12V High-Efficiency Audio Reference Designs using GaN Power Transistors” features several amplifier designs for 12V input systems. These designs, the company explains, were created in order to offer more power and more channels, without driving up size and weight or sacrificing sound quality. "With GaN, designers can provide more power, more channels, better sound quality in small, lightweight solutions," they add.

This new GaN amplifier evaluation kit includes a 2 channel, 200W per channel (8 ohm - 300W at 4ohm - 96% efficiency) Class-D audio amplifier and companion 400W, continuous power audio-grade SMPS. The solution highlights an easy plug and play design with features such as multi-audio signal inputs, bridge-tied load output, and open-loop/closed-loop toggling. Specifications detail < 0.01% THD+N (8Ω, 1W, 20Hz to 20kHz) and +/‐0.5dB frequency response to 50kHz, with good EMI/EMC performance due to reduced ringing/noise. And, with GaN, the design becomes very efficient and operates without heatsinks. This combination of features allow audio developers to create better quality audio products with shorter time to market and at an affordable price. Possible applications include smart speakers, all the way to automotive and high-end home audio systems.

"Class-D Audio amplifiers are reaching a new level of performance with GaN. Industry experts and audiophiles alike have tested and listened to the output of our design and are truly impressed,” says Paul Wiener, GaN Systems’ Vice President of Strategic Marketing. “The audio quality combined with the thermal and EMI/EMC performance provide a great solution for our customers.”
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