G.R.A.S Sound & Vibration Announces Availability of World’s Smallest Measurement Microphone Set

June 7 2017, 03:00
G.R.A.S. Sound & Vibration announced availability of the 46DE, the smallest measurement microphone set in the world and the only microphone set where no parts are larger than 1/8”. The 46DE is a 1/8” Constant Current Power (CCP) pressure microphone set with a nominal sensitivity of 0.8 mV/Pa and has TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet). It is the latest in a long line of innovative and advanced microphone measuring products with the brand's proven seal of quality. 

According to the world-renowned manufacturer of high-quality measurement microphones and related acoustic equipment based in Denmark, the new 46DE microphone set is compatible with all modern analyzer systems that support IEPE and ICP. Because of its small size and low sensitivity, the 46DE microphone set is ideal for measuring high frequencies and high sound pressure levels and additionally it can be used in applications with difficult access, such as very small scale models. The 46DE is also a valuable solution in applications where measurement challenges call for a very small microphone or where several microphones must be mounted in close proximity to each other for higher resolution.

How did G.R.A.S. manage to make the new 46DE so small? The company developed a 1/8" preamplifier consisting of a very small input section, 1/8" in diameter, which is attached to the microphone, with the larger (1/4") output section at the other end of the specially designed cable. This way, the preamplifier section closer to the microphone is kept very small, while the more space-demanding electronics in the output stage are located at the other end of a 40" long cable. However, customized lengths are available.
Reducing trailing edge noise emitted by wind turbines and aircraft on approach represents a special design challenge for developers. Because of the turbulent nature of this noise, it is difficult to predict the effects of noise reduction measures based on numerical simulations, and therefore measurements are essential. In collaboration with the internationally recognized Delft University of Technology, G.R.A.S. is testing how the new 46DE microphone set can contribute to the analysis of trailing noise reduction measures such as serrated edges and meshes. The microphone's small size means that it will unprecedentedly allow for analysis of pressure fluctuations at trailing edges of geometries around 1/16", as well in fully porous configurations. 
For more information, contact Ed Okorn, General Manager, North America, G.R.A.S Sound & Vibration at 330.425.1201 or visit www.gras.us
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