Fully Self-Contained Raspberry Pi Audio HAT Board with MERUS Class D Multilevel Amplifier Now Available

May 21 2020, 03:40
Infineon Technologies developed the world’s first fully self-contained Raspberry Pi audio amplifier HAT (Hardware Attached on Top) board. It offers high definition audio at boombox power levels in a small form factor. The Infineon proprietary multilevel technology ensures minimum size and consumption, state of the art power efficiency, and high resolution audio quality for Raspberry Pi users and makers. Target applications include active speakers with wireless music streaming.

The new HAT board (KIT_40W_AMP_HAT_ZW) is compatible with Raspberry Pi Zero W and Raspberry Pi 3 and 4. It leverages Infineon's MERUS multilevel class D amplification enabled by the MERUS MA12070P amplifier, which allows for filter-free amplifier design that does not need to use a filter-coil at the output filter. This reduces significantly the BOM cost and enables PCB area reduction. The board furthermore scores high output power in small form factor up to 40 W instantaneous peak power at 4 Ohm. The solution offers best-in-class efficiency and playback time up to 20 hours with a ~6700 mAh power bank. There is no need for additional power supplies, only a single 5 V/2.5 A USB power supply is required for both the Raspberry Pi and the HAT.

For a quick and easy audio system set-up, the board is compatible with the main Linux distributions such as Raspbian, Volumio, moOde Audio or JustboomPlayer. Dual-channel bridge-tied load (BTL) or single-channel parallel bridge-tied load (PBTL) configurations for Multiroom, TWS, or subwoofer applications are also possible.

The Raspberry Pi audio HAT audio amplifier board is now on stock. More information is available at www.infineon.com/kit-40w-amp-hat-zw.

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