Electrocompaniet Announces North American Launch of EC Living at CEDIA 2017

September 11 2017, 03:10
Electrocompaniet, the world-renowned manufacturer of high performance audio components, launched its new brand, EC Living, at CEDIA 2017. Combining beautifully styled, consumer-focused models and installer-centric products for discreet applications, the EC Living brand carries the high performance audio DNA for which Electrocompaniet is best known. EC Living products provide wireless, scalable solutions to deliver hi-res audio throughout the home.

Following an exclusive presentation of the new EC Living range of products to dealers and the press at High End Munich 2017- which audioXpress attended - and some key appointments for the North American region, the Norwegian company is now ready to go to market and is already creating genuine excitement. Named for rivers in Norway, the product families within the EC Living brand meet a wide range of applications, including tabletop, in-wall/in-ceiling, rack-mount, or whole-home audio with an unlimited number of zones.

Installation products for discreet applications
At CEDIA 2017, EC Living by Electrocompaniet debuted the ALNA Series of wireless streamers and amplifiers specifically designed for discreet applications, with low voltage requirements and extremely small yet rugged cabinets. Easily installed inside a wall or ceiling, ALNA products will drive any recessed speaker to deliver hi-res audio throughout the home.

ALNA was named CEDIA Award Finalist for Best New Hardware Product, and features wireless streaming (192kHz/24-bit DAC) and x2 75-watt amplification in a compact, rugged case with low-voltage requirements for convenient in-wall/in-ceiling installations and optional rack mount for centralized location.

The ALNA Series comprises three models: the S-1, a wireless/wired streamer; the A-1, a 75Wx2 power amplifier; and the SA-1, a wireless/wired streamer with a 75Wx2 amplifier. All three are fully compatible with EC Living’s other lifestyle products, the TANA, RENA, and SIRA. A USB port offers connection to local content storage and/or through the customer’s existing Wi-Fi network.

Another new product in the series is the MARNA, shown in preview at CEDIA 2017, which offers a unique proposition with the convenience of a streamer and loudspeaker in single product solutions for in-wall and in-ceiling installations.

Already launched in Europe and now entering the North American market, TANA is a new all-in-one wireless (802.11AC) system and active loudspeaker, combining a powerful 150-watt class-A/B amplifier and 192kHz/24-bit DAC in a single box that lets the user enjoy music throughout the home, beautifully designed in range of finishes to complement any décor.

Using the homeowner’s existing network, TANA can play music from an existing collection, is compatible with popular streaming services and formats such as TIDAL, Spotify, and Airplay, and has built-in Internet Radio. The TANA SL-2 is extremely easy to set up and use, and can be effortlessly controlled with any tablet, smartphone, PC/Mac, third-party control system, or with the system’s own controls — no additional software required. 

Its aluminum body is solidly constructed, while the variety of user-changeable grilles and decorative band finishes — including classic matte black and copper, matte chrome, and handcrafted woods — perfectly complement any décor. TANA also offers an easily integrated add-on wireless active loudspeaker for stereo pairing and the optional SIRA subwoofer, adjusting all speakers automatically to perfectly complement its output.

Finally, the company launched the RENA series, a stylish option to bring wireless streaming to existing systems. RENA features a 192kHz/24-bit DAC and x2 75-watt Class D amplifier, the ideal for those who want to replace larger systems or those who want to keep their passive speakers and need a compact streaming solution.

The RENA SA-1 is both a compact streamer and a powerful 75Wx2 amplifier with internal 192kHz/24-bit DAC, designed to upgrade existing loudspeaker systems with next-generation audio streaming. It connects directly to existing loudspeakers; combined with sophisticated hi-res audio processing, this amplifier produces extremely big sound.

The RENA S-1 is a simple and cost-effective way to upgrade a system with next-generation audio streaming. It easily connects directly to an existing amplifier, with the possibility of later adding wireless speakers.

Using the homeowner’s existing network, all EC Living products play music from an existing collection; are compatible with popular streaming services and formats such as Tidal, Spotify, and AirPlay; and include built-in Internet Radio. EC Living products are all controlled by a free Apple or Android app, and offer leading third-party integration. Additionally, Electrocompaniet announced at CEDIA 2017 its agreement with MQA as a licensee. The music technology will be incorporated in select products in the Classic and installation series by late 2017.

EC Living products run on Electrocompaniet’s proprietary software engine, EC Software — a future-ready platform for the distribution of hi-res audio and video signals that is used across all Electrocompaniet product lines. For added security, the software is backed by a cloud-based, multi-tiered support system. 

EC Living products are designed and built in Norway, and blend Scandinavian design with the brand's rich heritage of world-class sound- the culmination of over 40 years of experience in sound and technology.
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