Electro-Voice Introduces Low-Reflection Dark Finish Version of Classic RE20 Microphone

December 3 2020, 00:35
With lots of people receptive to the idea of investing in a nice, high-quality microphone to use at home - preferably an instantly recognizable classic that screams "pro" - Electro-Voice announced the introduction of the RE20-BLACK – a new low-reflection color option for the classic broadcast microphone. Sporting an elegant, dark charcoal finish the classic RE20 looks even better, while its unique Variable-D design allows users to work naturally around the mic at varying distances, while ensuring full, smooth sound quality.

The Electro-Voice RE20 has continued to be a firm favorite of broadcasters, musicians and sound engineers around the world since its introduction more than 50 years ago. The new RE20-BLACK version offers an aesthetic alternative to the iconic original finish, while being acoustically, electrically and mechanically identical.

Beyond providing the industry-standard sound of FM radio voices, the RE20’s popularity has surged in recent years with the rapid growth of podcasting and home recording/production. It also remains a trusted tool in professional recording studios, and a mainstay mic on live-performance stages everywhere.

A key to the RE20’s enduring popularity is its unique Variable-D design. Variable-D minimizes proximity effect, giving users the confidence that their tone will remain full, pure and accurate while they enjoy the freedom to work naturally around the mic at varying distances. Additional features include a mid-bass tone-shaping switch, a substantial integrated pop filter, and a humbucking coil to guard against line hum – all of which combine to provide a supremely smooth, natural and controlled sonic character.

The RE20-BLACK is now available at EV retailers, and the classic metallic grey RE20 finish will continue to be available under the current RE20 model name.
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