Echobox Audio Announces Bluetooth Earphones Crafted from Titanium

July 17 2018, 00:50
Echobox Audio continues to re-define HiFi personal audio with its announcement of the world’s first ever Bluetooth earphones crafted from Titanium housings. The “Ti-22BT” (Titanium Bluetooth) wireless earphones represent a significant step forward for the Denver, Colorado brand, delivering new industry standards in durability, comfort and sound performance. The Ti22BT are Bluetooth 4.1 with aptX support.

As with all other Echobox earphones models (Finder X1, Traveler, Nomad), the Ti-22BT uses machined titanium housings. Unique to this product, however, the Ti-22BT is the first ever earphone to utilize this metal on a Bluetooth device. Virtually indestructible, the housings can are capable of surviving being driven over by a semi-truck, yet the exceptionally lightweight properties of Titanium make these earphones one of the lightest and most comfortable on the market. They are also ergonomically contoured for comfort, featuring a wing-tip ear hook style for added security when performing demanding activities, and each set comes stock with a pair of Comply T-400 Isolation Series heat-reactive memory foam ear tips. Additional silicone tips are also included, along with a cloth carry bag for convenience.

According to Vice President Sam McKinney, “The Ti-22BT was designed for a simple and important purpose, which is to deliver the highest quality sound available in today’s wireless audio market, and pair this sound with the most durable and functional Bluetooth design ever crafted. By using Titanium, we were able to accomplish this task by creating an earphone with housings that are both intensely strong, yet exceptionally light. Once we had the housings, we completed the project by precision tuning the inner drivers to our established Echobox sonic standards, resulting in the most ‘audiophile’ sound presentation available in any current Bluetooth earphone.”

With an eight-hour battery, users will be able to enjoy plenty of music on a single charge. For those who are tired of seeing proprietary charging technology, Echobox has bucked the trend with the implementation of a single micro-USB charging port for fast and convenient universally accessible charging. “With lightweight housings, superior strength and excellent sound, the Ti-22BT earphones are at home anywhere from the gym to an international flight,” the brand states. For added convenience while using the earphone, the back sides of the housings are magnetic, allowing for a “necklace style” of storage when not in use.

The Ti-22BT was officially released on July 11, 2018, and is available now online at The earphones will also soon be released on a variety of online shopping platforms, including Amazon. Echobox also plans to release these earphones into physical retail within the US. The suggested MSRP for the Ti-22BT is $129.99
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