Earthworks Debuts M23R Reference Measurement Microphone

December 30 2019, 00:45
Part of Earthworks' infinitely matched series of measurement microphones, the new M23R was designed by the New Hampshire company to be a reference measurement microphone with an affordable price. This new omnidirectional from Earthworks is able to sustain extremely powerful SPL levels and is extremely stable with temperature variations, making it perfect for multiple acoustical measurement applications, including front-of-house measurements.

Described as "a groundbreaking revolution in the world of acoustic measurements," Earthworks discretely debuted its new M23R Reference Measurement Microphone. Each microphone within this series has the same flat frequency response and sensitivity, matched within ±0.5dB across the entire operating range of 3Hz to 23kHz.

Proprietary Earthworks technologies allow for the matching of any microphone within the series, regardless of its purchase date. This allows companies and individuals to continue to build out their arsenal of measurement microphones over an extended time period and know that each new M23R is matched within ±0.5dB to previously purchased M23Rs. 

"A true reference microphone, every M23R is individually tuned and calibrated, which allows for much tighter tolerances throughout the series than in any other measurement microphones," the company says. "The M23R features a flat free-field frequency response, fast impulse response, and is remarkably stable with respect to temperature changes while meeting or exceeding Type 1 specifications. It has a near-perfect omnidirectional polar pattern and can handle up to 140dB SPL max acoustic input," they add.

This set of features makes the Earthworks M23R an ideal tool for companies who work with multiple teams and are looking for consistent measurements, as the company also highlights: "You can equip all of your production teams with matching reference mics and get consistent results no matter where they are. Start doing multi-mic measurements or equip new teams at any time with confidence that all of their reference microphones match."

The M23R is now available and priced at $599 MAP.
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