Dusun Electron Announces Far-Field Voice Control Solution

June 7 2019, 00:20
​Dusun Electron demonstrated its far-field voice control solution at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, and the company now confirmed its availability. This new voice control solution enables voice-activated devices to clearly capture voice commands from a distance or even in noisy environments for a hands-free interactive experience. The Dusun platform features multi-microphone interfaces, an ARM-based processor, and supports voice front-end processing algorithms such as AEC, AGC, NR, beamforming, etc.

Far-field voice control is becoming an important technology in AI human interaction for numerous applications such as smart TVs, smart speakers, Internet of Things (IoT) in smart homes (gateway, smart home appliances, etc.), wearables, digital health, robotics, and automotive infotainment. The Dusun voice control with hands-free capabilities uses a microphone array to capture the voice input from multiple directions at a specific distance, and the voice data is enhanced by various voice algorithms such as beamforming, echo-cancellation, and noise reduction to generate a clear signal used in the automatic speech recognition (ASR) engine. 

Dusun’s far-field voice control solution focuses on voice input technology including the customizable microphone array designed for optimized performance and cost, a voice module that is fully integrated with multi-microphone interfaces, an ARM-based processor, voice front-end processing algorithms including sound localization (SL), noise reduction (NR), deliquesce reverberation (DR), acoustic echo canceller (AEC), automatic gain control (AGC), and beamforming (BM) to produce clear and high-quality voice data. This solution is also integrated with many leading ASR engine providers from Amazon’s Alexa, Google Voice, Microsoft’s Cortana, Baidu, and iFlytek for a complete voice control and recognition solution.  

“Over the years, Dusun has developed an extensive hardware and software design experience in the near-field microphone technology and voice algorithms, which are mainly used in the Bluetooth BLE voice-activated, remote control for smart TV and operators,” says Benny Chan, chief executive officer of Dusun. “By leveraging our expertise in near-field voice solution, I am pleased to offer our far-field voice control solution to enable any devices requiring crystal-clear voice performance and hands-free ability to interact with human voice from distance.”

Dusun Electron Ltd., is a global provider of wireless human-computer interaction solutions and IoT system solutions. The company offers a broad-based wireless technology portfolio, including ZigBee, Z-Wave, RF4CE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, LTE and interactive control solutions for voice, touch, motion pointing, gesture recognition, and virtual reality control.

Dusun’s wireless human-computer interaction solutions include infra-red, RF (Bluetooth BLE, ZigBee/RF4CE, 4G, Wi-Fi), voice control, air-mouse and touch along with products covering smart remote control, and wireless modules.
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