Drawmer Introduces CPA-50 Small-Footprint Stereo Amplifier

August 12 2016, 03:25
Based in Yorkshire, England, Ivor Drawmer’s company has a long history of audio processing innovation and brilliant audio circuits. In recent years, Drawmer has been working on some brilliant monitor controllers and monitor preamps for studio work. Complementing those new studio systems, Drawmer now introduced its high performance CPA-50 compact Class D amplifier, delivering 25W rms per channel into 8 ohms (50W rms per channel into 4 ohms) or working as a 100W rms into 8 ohms monoblock which allows bi-amped or bridged modes.

With the CPA-50 power amplifier, Drawmer has turned the wizardry of its small engineering team loose in the world of studio monitoring system management and created the perfect partner for any passive speaker, and especially in the studio with a set of passive monitors. Featuring balanced Neutrik XLR inputs, the CPA-50’s efficient, low heat and low power consumption design is contained in a compact and rugged steel chassis, ideal for desktop use.

Sitting between any monitor controller/pre-amp and a pair of Auratone Cubes, for example, this high-performance Class-D amplifier delivers 25W rms per channel into 8 ohms (50W rms per channel into 4 ohms) and offers features including thermal, overload and power up/power down protection and fault indication. In addition to working in stereo, the CPA-50 can also function as a 100W rms into 8 ohms Monoblock (set via internal jumpers), which allows the system to operate in bi-amped or bridged modes.

TransAudio Group, Drawmer’s longtime US distributor, has the new CPA-50 in stock and ready to sell as of 1 August 1, 2016, for $450.00 MSRP. “The Drawmer CPA-50 is the perfect choice for powering small loudspeaker systems, such as the Auratone C5 Super Sound Cubes, that engineers routinely mix on or reference,” says Brad Lunde, founder and president of TransAudio Group. “And it packs all its power and fidelity into a very small footprint: just six-and-a-half-inches square, like a small book! It’s easy to pack and travel with.”
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