Download PCB Piezotronics's Free Microphone Handbook

August 2 2019, 04:10
The PCB team of acoustic experts and mechanical, industrial, and electrical engineers shared over 35 years of their collective microphone design and manufacturing experience in this brand new microphone handbook. This technical resource is beneficial for a variety of entry level to intermediate research and design acoustic engineers. 

Learn about microphone specifications, the advantages and disadvantages of multiple microphone designs and power supplies, sensor selection, including prepolarized (0V) and traditional externally polarized (200V) designs, proper handling and maintenance tips for test and measurement microphones. This handbook also contains information on the most common standards, sound pressure, sound power and sound intensity differences, specialty microphone designs, and detailed information on in-the-field versus factory calibrations.

Download now your free copy of the PCB Piezotronic Microphone Handbook to get technical information in a user-friendly, easy to read format. Click here to download.
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