Devialet Unveils New Phantom Reactor Matte Black

October 11 2019, 00:50
In an effort to reenergize its global marketing endeavours, French audio manufacturer Devialet has announced a new version of its smallest Phantom speaker, introducing for the first time a Phantom Reactor 600 in matte black. The most compact and affordable in the Devialet range, the new Phantom Reactor Matte Black is also the most technologically advanced, delivering the same impressive sound for just $1,090.

As Devialet explains, the Phantom Reactor Matte Black is much more than simply a new color. The new speaker edition is also "the result of a year-long process that required completely rethinking industrial techniques to meet the design and performance standards required of our high technologies without impacting price point." A closer look at the Devialet Phantom Reactor in Matte Black reveals a refined, ultra-smooth, soft-touch finish that demands techniques typically used by the automobile industry. 

On the inside, this is the Phantom Reactor 600, the most compact  in the series, powered by an impressive 600 watts Devialet amplifier system and able to reach 95 dB SPL at 1 meter with a frequency response from infra-bass at 18 Hz to frequencies as high as 21kHz. Like other Phantom products, this is the result of a unique combination of transducer and electroacoustic design, resulting in a spherical speaker that is able to generate an impact, or play music with extreme definition even at low volume. Internally, the compact Phantom relies on the same original formula of a front firing full-range aluminum driver and the two side-firing aluminum bass drivers with its impressive mechanical excursion. As Devialet describes, resulting in 0 distortion, 0 saturation, and 0 background noise.

On the top of the new Phantom Reactor Matte Black users will find the familiar capacitive touch controls that provide total command of all its features, even if users will normally rely on the dedicated control app for full wireless operation. And talking about wireless operation, the Phantom Reactor supports Airplay (Airplay 2 is planned and coming), Spotify Connect, Bluetooth and UPnP networking, while offering digital optical or analog inputs. Using Spotify Connect as a remote control for any Phantom Reactor on the home Wi-Fi network (802.11ac 2.4GHz and 5GHz) allows direct access to complete Spotify Premium catalogue. From any connected locally-stored networked device and third-party applications, the Phantom will also support high-resolution streaming up to 24 bits/192kHz. And two Phantoms can be paired in duo mode, to allow the widest possible stereo sound stage.
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