Dayton Audio Announces New Indoor/Outdoor Speaker Models

July 30 2019, 00:25
The new Dayton Audio IO65XT 6-1/2" IP65 speakers, together with the new IOSUB 10" IP66 subwoofer are a perfect proposition for increasing audio fidelity outdoors on both commercial and residential installs. The IO65XT weather-resistant speakers are available in black or white finishes, with both 70/100V taps and 8-ohm bypass, adding a passive radiator to extend the low-end response. When more bass response is needed, the new IOSUB2 10" high excursion subwoofer with exclusive acoustic tuning will extend the response even more.

Solid, affordable, and always featuring unique designs, the new indoor/outdoor speaker models from Dayton Audio are another great example of how the brand's catalog continues to expand with differentiated products.

The Dayton Audio IO65XT full range speakers are suitable for use in both commercial and consumer applications with 70/100V taps as well as an 8-ohm bypass, perfect for patios, pools, gardens, porches, offices, bars, and hotels. Featuring a high excursion 6.5" polypropylene woofer and 1" silk dome tweeter, the IO65XT speakers challenge the notion that outdoor speakers lack in low-end response. Without sacrificing durability, the IO65XT is able to produce extended bass by using a passive radiator design to provide a surprisingly deep, tight bass response while keeping the enclosure small.
Flaunting an IP65 ABS enclosure (available in both black and white), the IO65XT is perfect for outdoor use. The water-resistant build allows for the speaker to be used in outdoor applications, even in unfavorable environmental conditions. Included brackets allow for the speaker to be mounted either vertically or horizontally with the ability to pivot making installation simple and quick.

And any outdoor/indoor setup with the IO65XT speakers can be expanded by adding some additional bass with the Dayton Audio IOSUB 10" subwoofer. The IOSUB utilizes a robust high excursion polypropylene woofer with stitched rubber surround to produce a powerful yet accurate low-end. Enclosed in a compact, easy to hide weather-resistant enclosure, the sub also offers exclusive tuning by Dayton Audio, producing low-end down to 50 Hz with 300 watts of power.

Remaining visually unobtrusive, and built to withstand Mother Nature the IOSUB is an IP66 rated enclosure, providing even more flexibility for installation locations. Its compact footprint makes it easy to keep out of view, under decks or behind bushes. Since the sub fires downward, sitting on four legs, the sub is extremely stable and it also features an anti-theft eyebolt for a secure, permanent install.
Also available is the Dayton Audio IOSUB2 10" Indoor/Outdoor Subwoofer that has all of the same features of the IOSUB, but also includes satellite outputs.
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