Dayton Audio Announces MK442 Center Channel Home Theater Speaker

March 29 2018, 03:00
Dayton Audio announced its new MK442 center channel speaker, designed to complement the Dayton Audio MK402 bookshelf speakers in a multi-channel home theater system. The new 80 watts RMS speaker features two 4" treated paper woofers optimized for low-frequency extension, with a centered 3/4" silk dome tweeter, offering a balanced combination for wide dispersion and impressive room-filling sound. The speaker features an attractive textured, black vinyl finish with 5-way binding posts.

The MK442 MDF cabinet offers a unique geometric design for the baffle that sets it apart from much more basic speakers in its price range. The grill is removable and made with a high-quality black cloth that discretely obscures the most appealing features of this design, the drivers. These speakers are able to reproduce frequencies as low as 60 Hz, and offer a natural sound with excellent sonic detail. The 3/4" soft dome tweeter paired with two 4" treated-paper cone woofers is a perfect pairing.
The 3/4" silk dome tweeter is elegant with a very airy top-end that can be appreciated by anybody that enjoys the delicate side of music that is often left behind by most speakers. The dispersion from this tweeter provides a life-like ambiance that truly sets a scene in a movie.
The woofers used in the MK442 are able to play down to 60 Hz with ease. A 4" woofer playing low frequencies would normally limit the upper frequency range, which is not the case here. The woofers play through a large portion of the vocal range, adding coherency and smoothness to voices.

List price for the MK422 center speaker is only $78.99. Every Dayton Audio product is designed and engineered in the USA, backed by industry-leading warranties and support. Dayton Audio products can be purchased through authorized resellers including Parts Express (
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