Crane Song Debuts Interstellar Stereo ADC at NAMM 2019

January 22 2019, 00:55
Crane Song announced the introduction of the Interstellar, the company's latest stereo ADC. Interstellar is a stereo analog to digital converter using Crane Song's acclaimed Quantum, sub Pico second clocking technology. Interstellar features DSP emulations for Triode and Pentode tubes, Tape emulation, dithering to 16 bits and World Clock outputs, which allow Interstellar to function as a master clock. When used as an USB interface, the SPDIF output can be used to connect to a DAC, making Interstellar a USB bidirectional interface. 

In USB mode the computer will set the sample rate and thus the sample rate of the Word Clock outputs. When the USB connection is not in use, the clock rate is set by the front panel controls. The AES, SPDIF and Optical outputs are active and can be used at the same time as the USB connection. The level of the DSP functions is set by front panel controls.

Crane Song began in 1995 by Dave Hill and the company edict is all about loyalty – loyalty to their employees, to the audio industry and especially to supporting their local community in Superior, Wisconsin. The company currently has eight full time employees, three of whom were with the company since its doors opened. Crane Song has a dealer network which covers the United States, Canada, Australia, as well as throughout Europe and Asia. All Crane Song products, including their compressors, limiters, digital signal processors, converters, mic preamps and plug-ins are manufactured to the highest-quality sonic standards. All Crane Song products come with a three year warranty; however, the company claims to have serviced less than 2% of any of its products!

Crane Song will exhibit the new stereo ADC and other products at NAMM 2019, Booth #15821, ACC North.
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