Announcement COVID-19 - Access to Digital Subscriptions

March 20 2020, 18:10
Dear audioXpress and Voice Coil readers,

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to escalate impacting our communities on every level, we're committed to doing our part. Our editorial and administrative staff all work remotely and will continue to fulfill their roles in putting together the quality magazine you have come to expect.

This pandemic has affected everyone’s lives, including those who provide our delivery service. With a surge in delivery demands and travel restrictions, we realize some of you may be experiencing significant delays in receiving your magazines. So at this time, we are opening up our digital subscription platform to all print subscribers for no additional fee. 

We hope that we can keep inspiring you, bring you a little distraction and some interesting projects to provide a little reprieve during this uncertain time.
Stay safe, stay connected, and stay engaged, as we get through these challenging times together.

KC Prescott

KCK Media Corp.

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