Celestion’s Innovative Axi2050 Axiperiodic Driver Now Available at Parts Express

August 25 2020, 15:45
Celestion announced that their highly-anticipated Axi2050 Axiperiodic driver is now available for purchase at Parts Express. Performing the role of two speakers in one, the Axi2050 is a high power, high-output driver which reproduces a frequency range of 300Hz-20,000Hz without the need for a midband crossover. This Celestion innovation with a 2-inch exit throat and standard mounting delivers superior intelligibility and perceived audio performance.

The Axi2050 offers a power new fully scalable technology approach that delivers an extended frequency range and an exceptionally accurate signal, particularly in the critical listening band, enhancing clarity and speech intelligibility, as well as reproducing music more dynamically and with greater coherence.
In contrast to most existing high-sensitivity, wideband drivers which are designed with two separate diaphragms, the Axi2050 uses a single, large diameter, sculpted, circumferentially axiperiodic, annular titanium diaphragm. This breakthrough technology enables the device’s remarkable wideband output, as well as providing a number of other significant advantages.

The result of more than five years’ research, the Axi2050’s patented diaphragm design consists of many curved, axiperiodically symmetrical elements which adds immense strength to a very thin and light sheet of titanium. Consequently the shape of the mechanical vibration modes are tailored so they do not couple with the acoustic modes; enabling the device to deliver a very uncolored performance by avoiding resonance peaks.
This single diaphragm has a diameter large enough (more than 175mm) to reproduce frequencies as low as 300Hz, while still having a small enough moving mass to facilitate high frequency reproduction. And the diaphragm's large surface area and axial flexibility enables the generation of very high SPL, even at low frequencies.
Detailed specifications highlight a high sensitivity output of 140dB (measured at 1W on a plane wave tube), with 110dB-115dB on an appropriate large format, 2-inch exit horn, and rated at 150Wrms (AES standard) of power handling capability.

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More information on the Axi2050 is available here.
Or visit the Celestion Axi2050 product page at PartExpress.
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