Celestion Features Big Red Horn for Axi2050 Axiperiodic Driver at Prolight+Sound 2019

April 4 2019, 01:10
Visitors to the NAMM 2019 show new AAC North halls couldn’t help noticing a Celestion booth prominently featuring a big red horn. That second Celestion booth at the show, was used by the British manufacturer to specifically promote its professional audio products and services to OEM’s. That same bespoke Big Red Horn was now displayed with the cutting-edge Axi2050 wideband axiperiodic compression driver at the 2019 Prolight+Sound show in Frankfurt.

As Celestion engineers explain, the company created a bespoke horn specifically designed to work with and optimize the wide bandwidth performance of the Axi2050. The uniquely designed “Big Red Horn” that appears at Prolight+Sound 2019 has been constructed using a distinctive fibreglass compound in Celestion red (other colors are available!) — features a 2-inch throat exit with a 90x45 degree radiation pattern and 400Hz cut-off frequency.
“Celestion are displaying our “Big Red Horn” with the Axi2050 at our stand at Prolight+Sound, as testament to our horn design capabilities,” explains Managing Director Nigel Wood. “Having personnel experienced in horn design on our team, and developing software to augment this capability still further; we have the know-how to offer in-depth technical support for horn and waveguide design to our OEM partners.”

Performing the role of two speakers in one, the Axi2050 is a high power, high-output driver which reproduces a maximum frequency range of 300Hz-20,000Hz without the need for a midband crossover. The Axi2050 delivers an exceptionally coherent signal, particularly in the critical listening band and an extended frequency range; enhancing clarity and speech intelligibility, as well as reproducing music more dynamically and with greater coherence. In contrast to most existing high-sensitivity, wideband drivers which are designed with two separate diaphragms, the Axi2050 uses a single, large diameter, sculpted, circumferentially axiperiodic, annular titanium diaphragm. This breakthrough technology enables the device’s remarkable wideband output, as well as providing a number of other significant advantages.

The result of more than five years’ research, the Axi2050’s patented diaphragm design consists of many curved, axiperiodically symmetrical elements which adds immense strength to a very thin and light sheet of titanium. Consequently the shape of the mechanical vibration modes are tailored so they do not couple with the acoustic modes; enabling the device to deliver a very uncolored performance by avoiding resonance peaks.

This single diaphragm has a diameter large enough (more than 175mm) to reproduce frequencies as low as 300Hz, while still having a small enough moving mass to facilitate high frequency reproduction. And the diaphragm's large surface area and axial flexibility enables the generation of very high SPL, even at low frequencies.
The Axi2050 delivers improved intelligibility and perceived audio performance, particularly in the critical listening band, offers 150Wrms (AES standard) of power handling capability, a high sensitivity output of 140dB (measured at 1W on a plane wave tube), with 115dB-120dB (anticipated) on an appropriate large format, 2-inch exit horn and with fully scalable technology.
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