Celemony Releases Melodyne 4.1 Note-Based Editing Audio Software

November 24 2016, 02:35
German company Celemony announced the availability of Melodyne 4.1, featuring even better integration with selected DAWs, new functions and greater ease of use. When Melodyne is integrated into a DAW by means of ARA, Version 4.1 now allows the simultaneous display and editing of an unlimited number of DAW tracks in a single Melodyne plug-in window – ideal for backing vocals and other multitrack applications.
Melodyne 4.1: New functions make comping with ARA integration much simpler and faster – here in Studio One

This update brings important improvements to all editions of Melodyne, including a new playback type for high-pitched monophonic instruments, a command for separating notes as trills and additional keyboard shortcuts. When Melodyne is integrated into the DAW by means of the ARA interface extension, user-friendly new possibilities are now available for vocal comping, and in Melodyne 4 studio, the simultaneous editing of an unlimited number of tracks can now be done via ARA, too.

The Munich-based pioneer in note-based editing of audio, and developer of DNA Direct Note Access polyphonic editing algorithms, improved Melodyne with more powerful user-friendly ARA (Audio Random Access) interface extension functions. In ARA-compatible DAWs, Version 4.1 offers decisive improvements that make it possible to focus Melodyne’s functions in an optimal manner on an individual clip or an entire track. In Clip Mode, the user has access to a single clip, but this extends to notes lying beyond its borders; as a result, when comping, it is very simple to solve any problems posed by clip borders slicing notes in two, which greatly streamlines the comping workflow. In Track Mode, on the other hand, the user sees all clips of a track exactly as these are cut and arranged in the DAW. The two modes complement each other perfectly and offer ideal editing possibilities in ARA-compatible DAWs.
Melodyne 4.1: Even with ARA integration into Studio One, multiple tracks can now be edited simultaneously.

The ARA Audio Random Access interface extension, which is currently supported by Presonus Studio One, Cakewalk Sonar, Magix Samplitude and Tracktion, makes the use of Melodyne particularly fast and efficient. DAW tracks can be edited directly without any time-consuming transfers; furthermore, Melodyne follows automatically any changes made to the tracks. The result is that Melodyne feels like a comfortable integrated sample editor – but one that allows the note-based editing of tracks.

The update is available as a free download for all registered owners of Melodyne 4.
There's also a video available here.

Melodyne, inaugurated note-based editing of audio in 2001, established itself in the intervening years – for vocal editing in particular – as the standard worldwide, and has gone on pushing out the envelope in innovative audio editing ever since to the limits of what is technically possible. In 2008, for example, Celemony presented its patented DNA Direct Note Access, which extended Melodyne’s editing capabilities to polyphonic audio material – right down to individual notes within chords. Other important technologies developed by Celemony include the musically intelligent restoration tool Capstan, the pioneering plug-in interface ARA, the unique Sound Editor introduced by Melodyne 4 and – another Melodyne 4 revelation – Multitrack Note Editing, which facilitates the simultaneous, note-based editing of an unlimited number of audio tracks. Melodyne and Celemony have won numerous awards – amongst them, in 2012, the Technical Grammy.
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