Celemony Launches Melodyne Training Online Resource

August 8 2017, 03:00
Anyone seeking to better understand Melodyne and make smarter use of it will find the new “Training” section on the Celemony website of real assistance. Because it’s one thing to know the functions of an application as extraordinary as Melodyne; quite another to harness its full power to specific needs and make efficient use of it. This takes, above all, experience, which is precisely what the creators of the new Melodyne Training section have set out to share.

The revolutionary software from German company Celemony, with its Direct Note Access (DNA) technology, analyzes audio information to determine the main frequency content and displays the result as notes that users are able to manipulate at will - including polyphonic content. Many audioXpress readers have already checked Fernando Rodrigues’ excellent review of Melodyne 4, on the August 2017 edition. Unfortunately, as Rodrigues notes in the review, understanding how Melodyne works and master all its incredible possibilities requires effort, and it’s easy to get frustrated with the unwanted results. Apparently Celemony is well aware of this, and now they decided to create a complete online resource for training. 

In this new resource, users will find practical advice on streamlining workflows, correct technique, and what to and what not to do in order to make successful use of Melodyne and obtain the best possible sound.

The Training pages are devoted primarily to lead vocals, double-tracking and vocal harmonies – all of them typical Melodyne applications. Topics include: the correct reading of the pitch curve, strategies for musically coherent and natural-sounding tuning, and the handling of timing errors as well as other problems that crop up constantly in day-to-day production. The contents are designed not only to get beginners off to the best possible start with a sound understanding of the Melodyne modus operandi, but also to provide experienced producers with valuable tips on things like the avoidance of artifacts and the swiftest way of doing things.

Celemony is the pioneer and market leader in the musical, note-based editing of audio. The company's principal product, Melodyne, inaugurated this type of audio editing in 2001, established itself in the intervening years – for vocal editing in particular – as the standard worldwide, and has gone on pushing out the envelope in innovative audio editing ever since to the limits of what is technically possible. 

In 2008, Celemony presented its patented DNA Direct Note Access, which extended Melodyne’s editing capabilities to polyphonic audio material – right down to individual notes within chords. Other important technologies developed by Celemony include the musically intelligent restoration tool Capstan, the pioneering plug-in interface ARA, the unique Sound Editor introduced by Melodyne 4 and – another Melodyne 4 revelation – Multitrack Note Editing, which facilitates the simultaneous, note-based editing of an unlimited number of audio tracks. Melodyne and Celemony have won numerous awards – among them, in 2012, the Technical Grammy.

The new Training section of the Melodyne Help Center can be found here: http://helpcenter.celemony.com/hc-2/
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