Celebrate Another Growth Year with Voice Coil November 2017

October 24 2017, 13:00
As Voice Coil celebrates its 31st anniversary, our November 2017 edition reflects on its heritage and jumps directly to the future of speaker design with an exciting Test Bench of two full-range drivers from the Peerless by Tymphany PLS Line - precisely the ones that are now powering some of the so-called smart speakers. 

Vance Dickason writes, "As this loudspeaker industry magazine has grown and matured, Voice Coil continues to follow the path that its originator and former publisher Ed Dell conceived — a world-class clearinghouse of information for loudspeaker engineers, manufacturers, marketing specialists, and OEM suppliers."
"Voice Coil has formed strong connections with many industry icons and developed mutually beneficial relations with various influential companies. We are proud of those connections and privileged to play a viable role in the audio industry. On behalf of myself, Vance Dickason, Editor; KC Prescott, Publisher; Shannon Becker, Editorial Coordinator; João Martins, International Editor; and all the staff who make this publication possible, we would like to thank our readers and advertisers for their continued enthusiasm and support."
This month, Voice Coil features a complete directory of Measurement Microphone vendors, a vital product segment that has expanded considerably in the past few years, both from the perspective of the larger and most respected manufacturers, as well as new companies that are targeting specific applications or targeting new uses encouraged by mobile devices. Whatever the field of use, this directory lists and characterizes all the brands active in measurement microphones.
In this month's Acoustic Patents column, James Croft (Croft Acoustical) examines a notable patent application from VUE Audiotechnik, LLC (Escondido, CA), describing a first speaker that provides a direct radiating output from the front of the loudspeaker system and a second speaker to drive a ported side chamber of the loudspeaker system, wherein the first and second speakers share a ported common chamber, and wherein at least one port of the ported common chamber exits the front of the loudspeaker system. In one embodiment, the common chamber includes at least one port that is substantially aligned with the front of the loudspeaker system. In another embodiment, each speaker is coupled to a separate amplifier and signal-processing unit. As Croft notes, this is an innovative advanced system that is still patent-pending, following amendments to the original claims and provides a unique combination of technology, offering real-world advantages. Check it out.
Finally, in this month's Test Bench, Dickason examines two small diameter full-range drivers from the Peerless by Tymphany PLS line, which are also currently among the most used transducers in consumer electronics, finding broad application in soundbars, portable Bluetooth speakers, and the new thriving category of "smart speakers." Following the recent CEDIA show, Dickason requested that Tymphany send the 2” PLS-50N25AL01-08 neodymium motor full-range driver as well as the 2.5” PLS-65F25AL01-08 ferrite motor full-range, similar to those currently being used in popular, high-volume voice activated products. Read the full characterization this month.
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