Bryston Unveils BDP-π Compact Digital Music Player Leveraging Raspberry Pi and HifiBerry Platforms

August 17 2016, 03:10
Bryston has announced the introduction of the BDP-π digital music player, designed for users wishing to enjoy high-resolution audio files without tying a standard computer for the task. The compact BDP-π features advanced Bryston hardware and software built upon the Raspberry Pi and HifiBerry open source platforms, supports up to 24/192 high-resolution lossless files and can be connected to virtually any DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) using the provided S/PDIF, Toslink, USB and HDMI connectors.

Joining the BDP-2 in Bryston’s lineup of digital players for music enthusiasts, the Bryston BDP-π is a compact digital entertainment hub with connection to an external drive, access to Internet radio stations and support for lossless TIDAL streaming (subscription required). The BDP-π is also a Roon Ready device. Roon Labs has created a software solution that delivers the ultimate user experience by merging Bryston’s BDP digital playback hardware with an intuitive, graphically rich music library management and playback software.

“Feedback from our sales channel has indicated that there was a market for a compact digital music player at a lower price point as long as performance remained superb,” explains Bryston VP James Tanner. “We have been able to bring together key technologies in order to make the BDP-π a reality and deliver Bryston quality digital entertainment to more music enthusiasts.” 

The compact digital player, available in silver or black faceplates with an MSRP of $1295, features four USB 2.0 ports and Ethernet (10/100 Mbps) and can be controlled remotely via IR or TCP/IP from iOS and Android mobile devices, or desktop computers. Playback is exclusively from USB drives - NAS connectivity is supported - and it requires an external DAC.

Based in Peterborough, Ontario Canada, northeast of Toronto, Bryston is a legendary amplifier company for amplifiers, which are used in some of the world’s most renowned recording studios and owned by many discerning music professionals. Bryston applies precision manufacturing techniques and materials in the assembly of their electronic equipment that are more typically utilized by the military and aerospace industries. All Bryston digital products are covered by a 5-year warranty.
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